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The Best Glass Hookah Bowls and Accessories in 2022

The Best Glass Hookah Bowls and Accessories in 2022

By Gordon / December 17, 2014

Anyone who has smoked out of a glass hookah knows that there is no purer, cleaner way to smoke shisha tobacco and other shisha products. However, there are drawbacks to glass hookahs, too, like high cost and delicate hardware. A glass hookah bowl is a great way to get pure flavor out of any hookah pipe; plus, they are attractive, offering up an inexpensive way to upgrade your existing hookah's looks and performance.

glass mod hookah bowl

Glass Mod Hookah Bowl - No two are alike, featuring unique and colorful swirl patterns. These solid glass hookah bowls are available as either a Standard bowl or as a Funnel type (pictured) with a raised center spire. The Standard Glass Mod Bowl will hold around 15-20 grams of shisha. The Funnel bowl is great for when you want to load a smaller bowl, holding up to 10 grams. There are nine different color options for the Standard bowl, and five for the Funnel variety.

lule ephesus glass hookah bowl

Lule Ephesus Glass Hookah Bowl - Standing tall as a column from ancient times, the Lule Ephesus bowl will improve both your hookah's performance and looks. Measuring 5" tall, the Ephesus will add some height to your hookah, as well as some style. The internal fluting of this glass bowl are actually ridges that grab on to your hookah stem grommet, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The Ephesus is made from Pyrex glass which is sturdy, and resistant to breaks from temperature fluctuations. The Ephesus features a funnel design but is a large bowl, capable of holding up to 35 grams of shisha. The female opening allows this glass bowl to be attached to virtually any standard hookah stem.

pyrex vortex hookah bowl

Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl - The Vortex bowl is a very popular hookah bowl design, featuring a raised center spire which helps to keep the juices from your shisha in the bowl, and not seeping down your hookah stem. Obviously, these bowls are perfect for juicier shisha brands, like Starbuzz or Fumari. The Pyrex Vortex Bowl has the added benefit of being manufactured from Pyrex glass, which is very resilient to both chips and heat fluctuations. The Pyrex Vortex is available in six different colors: amber, blue black, clear, green, and smoke.

lavoo glass hookah bowl

Lavoo Glass Hookah Bowl - Lavoo hookahs are the pinnacle of glass on glass hookah pipes. The Lavoo Glass bowl has a male attachment end and will work as a replacement bowl for all Lavoo hookah models, with the exception of the MP1 and MP1X. The Lavoo glass hookah bowl is a vortex type bowl.

round glass bubble bowl

Round Glass Bubble Bowl - This glass hookah bowl is a funnel style bowl that will hold around 15-20 grams of shisha tobacco. The "bubble" on this bowl fills with swirling smoke, adding a great visual to your hookah session. The Round Glass hookah bowl features a female attachment, allowing you to fit out a standard hookah stem with a bowl that is usually only available on expensive glass hookah models.

round glass bowl adapter

Round Glass Bowl Adapter - This all glass adapter allows you to convert your glass on glass hookah so it can accommodate just about any standard hookah bowl with a female opening. This will allow you to do fun things, like adding a Hookah Flip or a Turkish Bowl to your glass hookah pipe. The frosted glass ends will fit snugly into glass openings, and will also hold fast to rubber hookah stem grommets.

round glass bubble bowl adapter

Round Glass "Bubble" Bowl Adapter - Like the standard Round Glass bowl adapter, the "Bubble" bowl adapter enables you to use a standard, female-type hookah bowl with your glass on glass hookah pipe. The "bubble" on the stem allows you to see the smoke swirling around as you smoke. Combine it with the Round Glass Bubble Bowl for a double bubble hookah smoke experience!

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