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New Haze Flavors - What-A-Mint & Chaitastic

New Haze Flavors - What-A-Mint & Chaitastic

By Danny / April 24, 2015

Haze has recently released their two newest shisha flavors - What-A-Mint and Chaitastic - and we've got them both for you here at If you have never tried Haze's line of excellent shisha flavors then you are missing out. These hardy flavors love a lot of heat so don't be scared to use a slight overpack and to add an extra coal on your bowl. Check out our thoughts on the new flavors below.

Haze What-A-Mint Flavor Review

What-A-Mint is one of those instant classic flavors that you will want to smoke over and over again. This sweet (but not too sweet) peppermint flavor has a lovely cooling finish that you will love. If you are into mixing, consider tossing some What-A-Mint in with any of your favorite fruit flavors to add a bit of sweetness and, of course, that lovely icy finish that so many hookah smokers crave.

Haze What-A-Mint Shisha

Haze Chaitastic Flavor Review

Haze Chaitastic is the Chai tea inspired flavor that you may have been looking for. Haze has focused more on the spices present in a good chai tea rather than the creamy taste found in some chai blends. The creaminess is there in the background but this flavor is heavy on the spice and that is definitely a good thing. If you want to try something that is completely different from your average fruit or mint bowl, we highly recommend checking out Chaitastic from Haze.

Haze Chaitastic Shisha

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