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Shisha Review: Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco - Marlett

Shisha Review: Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco - Marlett

By Jono / May 17, 2011

What exactly is Marlett?  Well, to be honest, besides being a font used by Microsoft Windows, I have no idea. The picture on the 250g tin of Starbuzz Marlett shisha tobacco shows an Egyptian man sitting. Thinking. Maybe he's trying to figure it out as well. Instead of playing the guessing game, let's just dive into this mysterious shisha flavor and see for ourselves. If the smell factor alone was enough to clue us in, then Starbuzz Marlett tastes tropical with some sweet berries with some sort of guava or passion fruit mixed in.  But our senses can be fooled, so let's combine our sense of taste to the equation. At first, Marlett seemed to have a hint of something floral as well, but it doesn't stay with you throughout the bowl. Traces of apple, grape, pomegranate and passion fruit crept in, all the while teasing you with a pinch of rose. It's almost as if Starbuzz Marlett was going for a sweet, fruity red wine. It's quite tasty and really good at keeping your taste buds on their toes, similar to the effect you get when you swish red wine around in your mouth before you ultimately give in and devour the flavor! You may taste something different. Have you tried Starbuzz Marlett shisha tobacco lately? Tell us what you taste by leaving comments below or by posting on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear how you define Marlett. Happy Smoking friends!

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