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Starbuzz Serpent Shisha Tobacco

After successfully launching Vintage, their first dark blend, Starbuzz dove deeper into the world of dark leaf with Starbuzz Serpent shisha tobacco! This time though, they're not messing around. By using a significantly stronger burley tobacco leaf, they have created the buzziest line of Starbuzz shisha to date! Robust notes of tobacco coupled with rich flavor blends create a sense of true depth during your sessions, and it's hard not to be impressed by Starbuzz Serpent from the quality of tobacco to the vibrant packaging designs.

Where is Starbuzz Serpent shisha made? 

Starbuzz Serpent shisha is manufactured in California in the USA!

What ingredients are in Starbuzz Serpent?  

Starbuzz Serpent shisha contains kettle cured burley tobacco leaves, both honey and molasses, and vegetable glycerin alongside both natural and artificial flavorings.

Does Starbuzz Serpent contain nicotine?  

Yes, Starbuzz Serpent contains a much higher concentration of nicotine than most other hookah tobaccos. You may experience a significantly stronger head buzz and feelings of dizziness during your smoke sessions. This brand is not recommended for beginners or those who are sensitive to nicotine.

What is "dark leaf" shisha? 

Dark leaf shisha flavors are made using dark brown (sometimes black) tobacco leaves that contain a much higher amount of nicotine and deliver a strong tobacco flavor. This results in a more powerful nicotine head buzz when smoking.

How do I pack Starbuzz Serpent? 

Starbuzz Serpent is a dark leaf shisha that benefits from a dense or semi-dense pack. Use your fingers or a small shisha fork to fill your bowl with tobacco. Gently but firmly press down on the shisha until it is firm, or semi-firm, to the touch.

Are the Starbuzz Serpent pouches resealable?  

Yes! Every Serpent flavor will arrive in its own unopened, resealable pouch that keeps your shisha fresh and flavorful.

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