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Starbuzz Serpent Flavors And Review

Starbuzz Serpent Flavors And Review

By SmokeOrPass / October 12, 2017

Starbuzz Serpent Flavor Review

Starbuzz Serpent Review & Flavor Descriptions

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce Starbuzz Serpent tobacco as the 4th installment of the Starbuzz flavor series. The company once best known for Blue Mist, is showing once again that they can cater to a variety of palates from beginner smokers to veterans. Vintage was their first dark leaf collection that arrived in spring of 2016, and has since created a multitude of staff favorites here and around world.

The latest collection will arrive to you inside a sleek resealable pouch that features some pretty awesome artwork for each flavor. The cut of this tobacco is very choppy with little to no stems; a semi juicy blend, but not as wet as the Vintage cut. The 200g flavor size features two individually sealed 100g pouches, allowing for an ease in keeping your flavors fresh. This release not only brings us more than just a collection of new flavors combinations, but also a slew of flavor names that'd never help you figure out the taste profile. Some people like the mystery and enjoy trying to pinpoint the flavors, while others would like to know the destination before starting the ride. We respect both paths and, should you need any guidance, just refer to this blog or the product page for Starbuzz Serpent Flavor descriptions.

Afterburner - Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Afterbunner Shisha Tobacco

A creamy blend of coconut with banana and a touch of mint.

Bohemian- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Bohemian Shisha Tobacco

We noticed our clouds became larger when we put on Bohemian Rhapsody, but it could've been because we were using a boho base. You'll taste fresh gum blend.

Cobra Khan- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Cobra Khan Shisha Tobacco

If you next day air this flavor there would be snakes on a plane. Once it arrives the blueberry aroma fills the room with a mint undertone, and grape joins the party.

Crimson Fox- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Crimson Fox Shisha Tobacco

One of our favorite labels from the collection contains a natural peach with berries

Crow- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Crow Shisha Tobacco

A There's a pirate on the label they could've just called this one Pirates cave, but Crow will have to do with a bright lemon mint flavor.

Gee Spot- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Gee Spot Shisha Tobacco

A You read that right, and you couldn't possibly guess this blend. It could be desire or just how you start your day, but this cinnamon vanilla mix reminds us of horchata.

Kathmandu- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Kathmandu Shisha Tobacco

If you can't figure out what to smoke and happen to make eye contact with this monkey, he'll decide on the flavor.

Kings Tea- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Kings Tea Shisha Tobacco

A easy staff favorite that fills our warehouse with a nice earl grey aroma and a kick of fuzzy peach.

Lioness- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Lioness Shisha Tobacco

We were gonna make a reference to all the boys coming to the yard, but let's just leave it at strawberry vanilla.

Mad Dog- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Mad DogShisha Tobacco

We don't see the connection between dogs and grapefruit but don't be mad dog there's also some citrus mint in this dog house.

Megawatt- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Megawatt Shisha Tobacco

10000 watts of lemonade need we say more?

New Amsterdam- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent New Amsterdam Shisha Tobacco

It's better than the old one because it has orange cream.

Rogue- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Rogue Shisha Tobacco

A musky sweet melon lies within this blend.

Shishi- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Shishi Shisha Tobacco

More banana flavor than Sin City with a solid floral note layered on  berries.

Sint City- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Sin City Shisha Tobacco

What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City, except for this banana. Who brought this banana back?

Skull- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Skull Shisha Tobacco

We're still waiting to see whatever happened with the Starbuzz Bold Skull but in the mean time this Serpent edition is licorice.

Sting Mint - Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Sting Mint Shisha Tobacco

Unlike the Vintage release Serpent has one of the smoothest mints right out the gate.

Teabet- Starbuzz Serpent

Starbuzz Serpent Teabet Shisha Tobacco

Are you looking for more tea flavors to enjoy? This little tea pot has a freshly steeped bag of English Breakfast.

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