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Starbuzz Hookah Bowls

Using the success of their world-renowned shisha tobacco, Starbuzz has expanded into making their own hookahs, hookah charcoal, and yes, even hookah bowls! Offering both traditional Egyptian and phunnel styles, these bowls are a fantastic companion to not just Starbuzz's shisha flavors, but all other shisha brands as well. Starbuzz hookah bowls feature a large shisha capacity, so you can expect long-lasting flavor from these accessories - perfect for marathon smoke sessions or party hookahs. Snag something made from high-quality clay or go for a shatter-proof silicone bowl instead; you can expect thick clouds and long-lasting performance no matter which you choose.

What is a "phunnel" hookah bowl? 

"Phunnel" bowls are designed with one large air intake hole that sits in the middle of the bowl just above the shisha allowing for excellent airflow. This raised design traps flavor juices and results in longer-lasting, better-tasting sessions with thicker clouds of smoke.

What is silicone? 

Silicone is a rubber-like polymer that is used in a variety of applications such as cookware, sealants and lubricants, building construction, insulation, and yes, even hookah.

Are Starbuzz bowls compatible with heat management devices? 

Yes! Starbuzz hookah bowls are compatible with most heat management devices.

How do I clean my Starbuzz hookah bowl?  

Typically a rinse with hot water and soap is all that is needed, and you can use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tough residue. When washing the clay Starbuzz bowls, allow the bowl to cool off before cleaning to help prevent damage caused by temperature shocking the clay.

Do Starbuzz bowls come with a hookah bowl grommet?  

No, Starbuzz hookah bowls will not come with a rubber bowl grommet. If needed, you can find our available hookah grommets here.



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