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Tangiers Birquq - The 5 Newest Flavors from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Birquq - The 5 Newest Flavors from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

By Grabertrain / November 15, 2012

What is this Birquq stuff I keep hearing about? How on earth do you pronounce it? What are all these werid flavor names supposed to taste like? Where are my pants? (Most of) these answers can be found in the following post when the last 5 new flavors were announced:

Tangiers Birquq – 5 New Flavors from Tangiers Birquq Hookah Tobacco

In a nutshell, Tangiers Birquq Shisha Tobacco requires less acclimation and fewer coals than regular Tangiers to get a nice fluffy smoke. What is Tangiers you ask? Have you been living on the moon for the last 8 years? No worries my noob friend, the below post will tell you everything you need to know:

Romancing the Smoke: Tangiers – Where to start?

 Let's get to the meat of this post: NEW FLAVORS!

Aussie Juice - That’s not a shisha flavor, this is a shisha flavor! Also, did you know that the kiwi fruit used to be called the "Chinese Gooseberry" until it was renamed for marketing purposes by New Zealand exporters? This wonder from down under is a saucy blend of Strawberry and Kiwi that will put some dazzle in your didgeridoo. Crikey!
Hacitragus - This flavor is either named after a previously undiscovered species of dinosaur or an orange juice-squirting generation 6 Pokémon character. The creamy mixed citrus fruit flavor smells of Gummy Bears and the delicious smoke will bounce here and there and everywhere on your tongue.

Picnic Punch - This flavor has a double meaning: It tastes like a refreshing watermelon and lime punch and also PUNCHES your tastes buds right in the FACE with its awesome fruity, juicy smoke clouds!
Pinepas - Everyone knows that shisha flavors that use a portmanteau in their name taste the best! As the name suggests, Pinepas is a combination of pineapple and pasta primavera. Just kidding! This blend of pineapple and passion fruit is a smooth and refreshing addition to your hoocollection (that’s your “hookah collection”).

The Last Pie - It’s not just pie, but it’s the last slice of pie, which for some reason makes it so much more desirable. As far as berry pie flavors go, this is hands down the most true to form. Dark berry with a hint of spiced apple that you can smoke? Better gab your fork and go for it before it’s gone!

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