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Tangiers Birquq Shisha Tobacco

Tangiers Birquq shisha tobacco is widely considered to be one of the best, and less intense, introductions to the Tangiers family! This collection was created as a way to make the Tangiers brand more accessible for hookah smokers wanting to experience their great-tasting, unique catalog of flavors, just without as strong of a head buzz! With all Tangiers production taking place under the watchful eyes of a dedicated in-house team, their manufacturing process is designed to ensure consistent quality and flavor performance in every pouch. Additionally, each pouch receives a stamp of authenticity alongside specific distributor markings to ensure that every flavor you receive is authentic and meets their rigorous quality standards. Tangiers even maintain small details such as hand-written labels and a direct phone number to their office; just in case you had any questions or concerns about your shisha. With the Tangiers Birquq hookah tobacco collection, anyone can experience why Tangiers is considered to be one of the "greats" in the hookah world without the worry of an overwhelmingly buzzy session.

Where is Tangiers Birquq shisha made?  

Originally produced in San Diego, California, Tangiers has since moved their production facility to Arizona in the USA!

What ingredients are in Tangiers hookah tobacco?

Tangiers creates their shisha with a blend of robust US tobacco leaves, glycerin, molasses, and natural flavoring oils.

What is "dark leaf" shisha? 

Dark leaf shisha flavors are made using dark brown (sometimes black) tobacco leaves that contain a much higher amount of nicotine and deliver a strong tobacco flavor. This results in a more powerful nicotine head buzz when smoking.

Does Tangiers Birquq contain nicotine? 

Yes, the Tangiers Birquq line does contain nicotine. Since it is a dark leaf tobacco, it will have a higher concentration of nicotine than your average "blonde leaf" shisha such as Starbuzz or Al Fakher, however, the Birquq line features the lowest amount of nicotine between the different lines of Tangiers. Birquq is widely considered to be a great introduction to dark leaf shisha for intermediate smokers due to its manageable head buzz.

How do I pack Tangiers shisha? 

Tangiers shisha requires a unique packing technique for it to smoke properly. Tangiers is designed to be used specifically in a phunnel hookah bowl and will not smoke as intended in any other type of bowl. It requires an extremely dense pack and smokes best using lower-temperature coals. Check out our blog for a complete guide on how to pack Tangiers shisha.

How do I store Tangiers shisha?

Each Tangiers flavor arrives in its vacuum-sealed, double wrapped plastic pouch that is designed to keep the tobacco inside fresh. Since these pouches are not resealable, you will need to store the shisha in a shallow, airtight, plastic vessel such as a shisha storage container or Tupperware container. Take a look at our blog for more information on how to store your shisha tobacco.

What are the differences between the Tangiers lines?

The main difference between the four Tangiers lines (other than flavor availability) is the amount of nicotine contained in each one. Tangiers Birquq contains the lowest amount of nicotine within the brand, the Noir line contains more than Birquq, and the Burley line and F-Line contain the highest amount. Tangiers Burley and F-Line contain the same amount of nicotine, however, F-Line also contains caffeine for an added kick.

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