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Alpaca Hookah Bowls

Alpaca Hookah Bowls FAQ

Handcrafted from exceptionally high-quality ingredients with strong attention to detail, Alpaca hookah bowls have earned their place as one of the most well-known, premium bowl companies in hookah today. Their lineup is made up of a variety of different designs that deliver long-lasting performance and great tasting flavor no matter your hookah smoking style. Their secret blend of clay - combined with modern, well-engineered designs - has continued to handle high levels of heat with ease while ensuring even heat distribution throughout your shisha flavor every time. Snag yourself one of these fantastic accessories today and see for yourself why the Alpaca Bowl Company is widely considered to be one of the best hookah bowl brands out there.

Where are Alpaca hookah bowls made? 

Alpaca bowls are handmade by a select group of talented clay and ceramic artisans in California, USA!

What type of clay does Alpaca use? 

Alpaca hookah bowls are made from a proprietary blend of clay and 100% food-safe glazes that have been thoroughly tested to deliver even heat distribution throughout your shisha.

What is a "phunnel" hookah bowl? 

"Phunnel" bowls are designed with one large air intake hole that sits in the middle of the bowl just above the shisha allowing for excellent airflow. This raised design traps flavor juices and results in longer-lasting, better-tasting sessions with thicker clouds of smoke.

How does the size of a hookah bowl affect my session? 

As a general rule, larger bowls hold a larger volume of shisha which results in a longer session. Smaller bowls hold less shisha which will typically result in a shorter session. Take a look at our blog for a more detailed guide on what can affect the length of your smoke session.

Are Alpaca hookah bowls compatible with heat management devices?  

Yes, several Alpaca bowls are compatible with heat management devices (HMDs)! They offer several models that feature a raised lip - such as the LeRook and Lipache bowls - that are specifically designed to be compatible with most HMDs.

How do I clean my Alpaca bowl? 

Typically a rinse with hot water and soap is all that is needed, and you can use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tough residue. Allow your bowl to cool off before cleaning to avoid damage caused by temperature shocking the clay.

Do Alpaca bowls include a rubber hookah grommet? 

Alpaca bowls will not include a grommet, but you can find our selection of hookah grommets here.





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