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Sahara Smoke Hookah Bowls

Sahara Smoke Hookah Bowls FAQ

Sahara Smoke has offered a wide selection of modern hookahs and hookah accessories for over two decades. Arguably their most widely-known accessory, Sahara Smoke created the original mass-manufactured vortex hookah bowl and has since dedicated their knowledge and expertise to creating a new-and-improved version of their classic design! Offering better-tasting, longer-lasting flavor as compared to traditional-style bowls, Sahara Smoke bowls make a wonderful companion to any hookah setup.

What are Sahara Smoke bowls made out of? 

Sahara Smoke hookah bowls are made using a blend of lightweight ceramic.

What is a "vortex" hookah bowl? 

Vortex" bowls are characterized as having a raised pillar in the middle of the bowl that features air intake holes punched around the sides. This design helps to trap the flavoring from your shisha and delivers better tasting shisha flavor and a longer-lasting session as compared to a traditional bowl.

How do I clean my Sahara Smoke bowl? 

You can clean your Sahara Smoke hookah bowl with hot water, soap, and a regular kitchen sponge for tougher residue. Allow your hookah bowl to fully cool off before rinsing with water to avoid fractures or other damage caused by temperature shocking the ceramic.

Are Sahara Smoke hookah bowls compatible with heat management devices? 

No, Sahara Smoke bowls are not designed with a heat management device in mind. You can find our collection of HMD-compatible hookah bowls here.

Do Sahara Smoke hookah bowls come with a grommet? 

No, Sahara Smoke bowls will not include a rubber bowl grommet. You can find our available hookah grommets here.

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