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HMD Compatible Hookah Bowls FAQ

At Hookah-Shisha, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best hookah products and accessories to give you the best possible smoke. We've been working in the hookah world for over two decades and our passion for hookah has been a part of our lives for even longer than that. That's why you can trust our products and recommendations on how to make the most of your hookah experience. If you’re a hookah enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of heat management devices (HMDs). But if you're using an HMD, you'll need HMD-compatible hookah bowls. If you're unfamiliar, you may be wondering, what exactly is an HMD-compatible hookah bowl? Keep reading and we can answer all your frequently asked questions!

What are HMD compatible hookah bowls?

A heat management device (HMD) is a device that sits on top of the hookah bowl, and acts as a replacement for aluminum foil when smoking. They are designed to act as a type of "oven" that allows your hookah charcoal to evenly heat the shisha in your bowl while reducing charcoal flavors, improving flavor, and prolonging the life of your coals. HMD-compatible bowls are designed to work with a variety of different HMDs and are necessary to ensure your HMD fits correctly and performs as intended. You can find the perfect HMD compatible bowl at Hookah-Shisha for your hookah set up and for your specific HMD.

What are some of the top brands for hookah bowls that are HMD-compatible?

Some of the most popular HMD-compatible hookah bowls include the HookahJohn Ferris, Kaloud Samsaris, and Firefly. Deciding between these industry-leading options can be a challenge, particularly if you're new to shopping for hookah products, but there are some specific things you should look for, including:

These are just a few of the factors you should consider. Customer reviews can provide valuable information as well on what it's actually like to use a particular product.

How quickly will your hookah products be shipped to you?

Orders are shipped from Austin, Texas. Typically, all orders are shipped within three days of purchase. There can be some exceptions in extraordinary circumstances, like during the holidays or a weather emergency. This applies to domestic orders; there can be longer shipping times for international orders. Estimates for international shipping do not include customs clearance times, which can vary.

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