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Hookah Charcoal Brands FAQ

Whether you're looking for natural charcoal or quick light varieties, you can shop for shisha charcoal by brand on our website. Here at Hookah-Shisha, we only offer the best hookah charcoal brands for your upcoming smoke session. Natural charcoal is typically made of natural materials like coconut shell or bamboo, while quick light charcoal utilizes a chemical accelerant coating for efficient combustion without the need for an electric burner. Check out the best-selling hookah charcoal brands below.

What are the different types of hookah charcoal?

The most popular type of charcoal is coconut charcoal. Coconut charcoal is popular because it's thought to produce the cleanest, tastiest smoke. It's also environmentally friendly, as it's made from natural materials. But they take longer to light in comparison to other types of hookah coal and require a charcoal burner or electric coil burner. Quick light charcoal only needs an open flame. It doesn't take much time to light these thanks to a flammable accelerant. They may affect the flavor of your shisha. The type you choose depends on what you're looking for as a smoker.

Does the quality of hookah charcoal brands matter?

Yes. You'll want to use the best charcoal brands for hookah to ensure that your smoke session lasts long. Your choice of hookah coals can also affect the taste of your shisha flavors, so it's crucial to choose hookah coal that's odor-free and taste-free. There are natural hookah coals that produce less ash and quick light coals that only require a lighter.

How do different shapes of hookah charcoal affect a smoke session?

The type of charcoal, the different shapes, and different sizes affect a smoke session differently. Square, rectangular or cube shaped charcoal is the most popular type, and it has consistent heat and longer burn times. Round, disk shaped charcoal is also popular in the quick lighting category. Pie shaped or quarter circle charcoal is the most efficient for heat management devices (HMDs), as it allows a perfect fit and has a high heat output. Whether you choose large cubes, quarter circles, or flat squares, each type offers a specific heat level. It's a good idea to read into the different shapes and what different brands offer for the best result for your set up.

How do I choose the best charcoal brands for hookah?

Luckily for you, Hookah-Shisha only offers the best shisha coals. So, you can't go wrong with any of the varieties offered. Beginners may want to try quick light hookah charcoal. While experienced smokers may opt for natural coconut coals and a heat management device. Start your smoke session with ease using one of the original brands of quick light coals like Three Kings. Or you can ensure high-quality consistent heat with great hookah coal brands like Coco Brico, Titanium and Carbopol. If you're using a heat management device (HMD), you'll want to opt for natural coal varieties like Kaloud, Tom Coco, or Coco Nara. Shop for the best hookah charcoal brands at a reasonable price and enjoy all of your hookah sessions to come.

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