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Al Waha Shisha Tobacco

Al Waha Shisha FAQ

Al Waha hookah tobacco has become the brand of choice for both beginner and experienced hookah smokers around the world. They boast a wide variety of hookah tobacco flavors, smooth smoke, and great value. Every shisha jar utilizes high-quality, medium-cut French leaf tobacco. The brand offers more than just traditional shisha flavors. They also offer modern flavors like Mango Lemonade, Pan Rasna, and Summer Air. Their hookah tobacco products allow you to enjoy every puff of smoke throughout your hookah session. And you can shop for some of their best options on our website. Enjoy the phenomenal shisha flavors from Al Waha today!

Where is Al Waha shisha made?

Al Waha hookah shisha is manufactured in Jordan using traditional shisha-making techniques. They provide you with high-quality tobacco leaves to create flavor profiles that you’ll definitely want to taste. Experience the luxury and lavishness offered by their premium French leaf tobacco.

What ingredients are in Al Waha tobacco?

Their hookah flavors are made using French tobacco leaves, honey and molasses, food-grade vegetable glycerin, and assorted flavorings. With every puff of smoke, you'll experience the bold flavor and quickly understand why it's one of the best hookah brands on the market.

How do I pack Al Waha hookah tobacco?

Sprinkle your shisha loosely into your hookah bowl using your fingers (or a shisha fork), evenly filling it so it's level with the inner bowl lip. The brand uses a blonde leaf tobacco, so make sure the leaves remain packed but breathable in the bowl. Do not pack the leaves too densely as you'll need to allow proper airflow through the bowl to get the most out of their creative flavor profiles.

Does Al Waha shisha contain nicotine?

Yes, Al Waha hookah shisha contains .05 percent nicotine by weight; this is the average amount for blonde leaf shisha tobacco.

What are the most popular hookah flavors from Al Waha?

The best part about this brand is the fact that they utilize new flavor mix ideas. They don't just create popular traditional shisha flavors like Lemon, Grape, or Mint. They create new delicious flavors with original flavor names like Artic Melon, Artic Blueberry, Icy Mango Tango, and Sweet Shock. And these are just a few of their best-selling shisha flavors. You can shop for some of their products on our website.

What do I need to start smoking hookah?

To start smoking hookah, you'll first need to obtain a hookah pipe. Most of these will come with all of the accessories needed for your setup. Next, you'll want to loosely pack your bowl with hookah tobacco and heat up your charcoal evenly. After that, you can start inhaling and enjoy the refreshing taste of this French premium tobacco.

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