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Serbetli Shisha Tobacco

Manufactured in Turkey, Serbetli quickly became one of the most popular modern shisha brands on the market and is one of the largest tobacco producers in Turkey. They offer a high-quality formula using blonde, Virginia-Leaf tobacco that features spectacular heat resistance and does not burn as easily as many other major brands. This makes it perfect for beginner hookah smokers who may need a more forgiving shisha that offers great-tasting flavor without too much hassle and offers some seriously thick clouds to boot. Serbetli is available in individual, resealable 250 gram jars as well as our Super Pack bundles. Take a look at our blog to learn even more about Serbetli.

Where is Serbetli shisha made?

All Serbetli shisha flavors are crafted in Turkey.

What ingredients are in Serbetli shisha tobacco?

Serbetli is made using a premium blend of Virginia-Leaf tobacco, food-grade vegetable glycerin, honey, and both natural and artificial flavorings.

How do I pack Serbetli tobacco?

To pack Serbetli, use your fingers or a small shisha fork to loosely sprinkle your tobacco into your hookah bowl filling it up to, or just under, the inner edge of the bowl. It performs best when the tobacco is packed loosely using a "fluff pack" technique, so take care that your shisha is not packed too dense. Serbetli can be used with traditional aluminum foil or a hookah heat management device. We recommend using 1-2 pieces of quick light charcoal or 2-3 pieces of natural coconut coals when smoking to achieve a smooth, cloudy session. 

Does Serbetli shisha tobacco contain nicotine?

Yes, Serbetli shisha flavors will contain .05 percent nicotine - the standard amount for most blonde-leaf shisha brands. You can expect a mild nicotine head buzz when smoking Serbetli.





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