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Zomo Shisha Tobacco

Zomo hookah shisha is the leading brand in South America. Whether you choose barrel-aged golden-leaf tobacco or robust dark leaf tobacco, you'll taste unique shisha with full-bodied flavor in every package. Check out the World Experience and the Strong collections for exciting hookah blends that tantalize your taste buds. There's also the Zomo Classic and the Zomo Splash line. From Kiwi Lemon to Acai Cream, you'll find plenty of new and exotic flavors on a budget. Find your favorite shisha flavors in 50g and 250g sizes right here at

Where is Zomo shisha made?

Zomo shisha tobacco is manufactured in Paraguay on the triple border with Brazil and Argentina. The development of this shisha is done by Flavors of Americas (FOA).

What are the differences between the Zomo World Experience and Strong product lines?

Zomo is known for two tobacco collections: World Experience and Strong. Zomo World Experience is a blonde leaf shisha tobacco with low nicotine content. The flavor strength is full-bodied, and you can expect less of a buzz and more cloud production. The Strong line uses dark leaf tobacco, providing a stronger buzz with heavier undertones from the dark leaf. If you're interested in learning more about the differences between blonde and dark leaf shisha, you can find more information on our website.

What ingredients are in Zomo tobacco?

Zomo is made using a high-quality blend of tobacco leaves, molasses, honey, vegetable glycerin, and other flavorings. The cane sugar molasses is mixed throughout the tobacco, ensuring the sweetness comes through when smoked.

How do I pack Zomo hookah tobacco?

Use your fingers or a small shisha fork to fill your hookah bowl up to just below the inner edge of the bowl lip. Since Zomo World Experience is a blonde leaf tobacco, leave it loose and "fluffy" in your bowl to allow for proper airflow. For the Zomo Strong line, you'll want to firmly press it down into your bowl to achieve a more "dense" pack that tends to work best for dark leaf hookah tobacco.

Does Zomo tobacco contain nicotine?

Yes, the Zomo World Experience line contains the standard .05 percent nicotine that's found in most hookah brands. The dark leaf Zomo Strong features a much higher concentration of nicotine than the World Experience line due to its use of robust, burley tobacco leaves.

Is Zomo hookah tobacco good?

Zomo is known for high-quality hookah tobacco. Their products offer great cloud output, so you can expect to see thick, white clouds of hookah smoke. The barrel-aging process removes any impurities by allowing the tobacco to go through several fermentations, allowing the sugar levels to increase.

What is their most popular shisha flavor?

Some of the most popular flavors from Zomo hookah include Swiss Alps and Bahamas Twist, which are both from the World Experience line. From the Strong tobacco line, Strong Mint is a best-seller. It won't be difficult for you to find delicious flavors of tobacco on our websites.

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