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Zomo Shisha Tobacco

You are now experiencing the #1 one brand in South America! Zomo hookah tobacco features two lines of unique, barrel-aged tobacco that feature unique shisha flavors and impressive clouds of smoke. Whether you're here for the golden-leafed smoke of their World Experience collection or the robust buzz of their "Strong" line, you'll experience long-lasting sessions and full-bodied flavor in each bowl. Available in both 50g and 250g size options, it's easy to experience new and exotic hookah flavors on a budget or stock up on your favorites.

Where is Zomo shisha made? 

Zomo shisha tobacco is manufactured in Paraguay!

What ingredients are in Zomo shisha?  

Zomo is made using a high-quality blend of tobacco leaves, molasses/honey, vegetable glycerin, and proprietary flavorings.

What are the differences between the "World Experience" and "Strong" lines from Zomo?  

Zomo World Experience is a low nicotine, blonde leaf shisha tobacco that focuses more heavily on flavor strength and cloud production over head buzz. The Zomo Strong line is a high nicotine dark leaf blend that delivers a strong head buzz as well as heavy undertones of tobacco. Check out our blog for more information on the difference between blonde and dark leaf shisha.

How do I pack Zomo hookah tobacco? 

Use your fingers or a small shisha fork to fill your hookah bowl up to the inner edge of the bowl lip, or slightly below. Since Zomo World Experience is a blonde leaf shisha, leave it loose and "fluffy" in your bowl to allow for proper airflow. For the Zomo Strong line, you will want to firmly press it down into your bowl to achieve a more "dense" pack that tends to work best for dark leaf hookah tobacco.

Does Zomo shisha contain nicotine? 

Yes, the Zomo World Experience line contains the standard .05 percent nicotine that is found in most shisha brands. The dark leaf Zomo Strong line features a much higher concentration of nicotine than the World Experience line due to its use of robust, burley tobacco leaves.

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