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Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco 1000g

SKU: BTO-AF-1000g

You only make it to this page when you've explored some of the Al Fakher flavor collection and found some of you favorite blends. The KILO servers two purposes; save you money, and provide you with enough shisha that you don't have to worry about a restock. Pro tip: A kilo of mint gives you the power to make any flavored bowl ice cold.

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Al Fakher Tobacco "Kilo" 1000g Shisha Tobacco

Whether you tried a 50g or 250g flavor, it simply didn't last in your stash long and now it's time to really load up. This 1 Kg of flavor is the largest size that Al Fakher offers and will arrive in its own resealable jar to help keep your shisha flavors fresh. This is the same gear you would find your local hookah lounge rocking.


Now that you're thinking about a hookah lounge, think about the cost for just one bowl. Are you ready for some shocking math? Each 1000g tub will yield approximately 60-80 hookah sessions, depending on your bowl and packing method. That's 60-80 parties, board game nights, or study sessions.

Al Fakher Flavor Descriptions

Al Fakher makes the flavor selection process in your shopping experience very easy with their true to taste collection of flavors. When the label says Blueberry Mint, Al Fakher means taking a trip to Blueberry town with a rush of cooling flavor. There are 2 new flavors we'd like to highlight that might not be so easy to decode from their name.

Lucid Dream - A blend of blueberry, lemon, and an icy mint infusion.

Magic Love - Passion fruit, melon, spices, and a little mint on top

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