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Azure Black Line Shisha Tobacco 1000g

SKU: BTO-Azure-Blackline-1000g

Have you found one (or a bunch) of Azure flavors that you're absolutely crazy about? Or are you just ready to start buying in bulk? Either way, come on over this way! The dark leaf popularity is still buzzing in the hookah community as we introduce to you a new taste for your next session. These buzzy blends are handcrafted in California under strict guidelines to achieve great quality in small batches. This collection is pretty easy to store because the 1000g flavor pouches are resealable and very malleable. Perfect for long term storage and locking in freshness!

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Azure Black Shisha Tobacco 1000g Flavors

Anyone looking for a buzz? You're in luck today with the Azure Black collection of hand crafted blends. All of these flavors come to us by way of California, this is where each blend is formulated and manufactured. The Azure team has shown the hookah world quickly that they know what they���������������������������re doing in the kitchen when it comes to whipping up unique flavors. There's a cheesecake flavor!

We���������������������������ve enjoyed their tobacco so much that we created an exclusive Cool Cucumber blend that you can find in our flavor selection above. Unless it���������������������������s sold out���������������������������.it���������������������������s popular.

The best part about the Azure hookah experience is that you can choose between this buzzy dark tobacco or go on a sweeter route with their Gold Line, and still enjoy a similar flavor line up. 


All of the Azure shisha flavors will arrive in a resealable plastic pouch, which will provide an easy storage situation.


Azure Black Flavor Descriptions

Bengal Citrus - Did someone ask for some real citrus flavor? It's right here with spices.

Bermuda Mint - According to John in the warehouse this stuff is strong. Powerful mint just a touch will do for mixing.

Cactus Blast - This mango and pineapple blend offers a refreshing smoke
Cairo Crypt Tonight - One bold combination of cherry and mint

California Blue - Fresh blueberries get the support of mint

Chai Masala - Spiced chai with tea notes

Cinnamon Cookies - There's no crunch but the cookie is real
Cosmos - "We're gonna guess cosmos but don't quote us"
Cool Cucumber (HS Exclusive) - An exclusive flavor that you'll only find here, this blend of crisp cucumber with a refreshingly cool exhale is the perfect summer flavor!
Dubai Apple - A modern twist on the class flavor of Double Apple
Grapemania - A crazy amount of grapes sitting on mints

Grow A Pear - You get it. It's pear!

Lemon Muffin - A citrus twist on the Blueberry formula; mix them for a Lemon Blueberry Muffin

Life's A Peach - This juicy peach shisha will be sure to sweeten up your bowls

Mango Cheesecake - The sweet flavor of Mango combined with the creamy, dessertiness of cheesecake!
Matcha Mint - Earthy green tea merges with sweet and cooling mint!

Melon King - Honey dew and mint with a secret fruit blend.

Moroccan Tea - This glass of green tea comes with a couple spoons of honey

Napa Grape - A straight to the point flavor rush of bold purple grape.

Orange My Guava - Sweet orange with a little spice with a bright surprise of ripe guava

Pep Cream - Creamy vanilla with sweet, cooling peppermint
Pomegranate - A single note pomegranate flavor is the main focus of this shisha tobacco

Royal Citrus - An orange and lemon zest mix that is sure to leave you feeling like royalty
San Diego Sunset - Take a step back before cracking open this citrus pineapple blend

Strawberry Guava - Sweet strawberry mixed with guava that offers a unique smoking experience
Strawberry Passion - The strawberry blends continue with this awesome combination featuring passion fruit.

Sweet Summer Sun - Creamy blend that instantly reminds us of cereal

Ultra Violet - A little floral with a touch of fruit makes this an ultra mix.

Unicorn - We haven't opened this one yet but in their words "This flavor is so tasty and cool, you will feel mythical"

Viva La Horchata - You guessed it....Horchata

Watermelon - The classic flavor of sweet watermelon

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