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Goblin Punch Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-Mix-AF-Goblin-Punch

Let's summon the spirit of Halloween with a glass of "Goblin Punch," a wickedly flavorful shisha blend that's sure to cast a spell on your senses. For this mix, we've brewed a bewitching concoction from two distinguished brands: Shisha Kartel and Al Fakher. We get a wild lineup from the "Bullets or Benjamins' blend as icy watermelon, tantalizing pomegranate, and honeydew collide in an eerie fusion of flavors. Our secret weapon is a pinpoint accurate take on the beloved Mojito, a concoction that scares your taste buds with a blend of lime, mint, and just the right amount of sweetness. In a phunnel-style hookah bowl, we've conjured the perfect potion, blending 75% Shisha Kartel with 25% Al Fakher to create "Goblin Punch." But, if you seek a touch more lime to your mix, don't be afraid to increase the Al Fakher Mojito percentage to unlock even more unearthly flavors.

As the moon rises and the goblins stir, let "Goblin Punch" be your elixir of choice for this Halloween

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