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Witches' Brew Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-Mix-Eternal-Witches

Shisha fanatics prepare to step into a realm of mystique and revelry with "Witches' Brew" - a captivating shisha concoction, uniquely tailored for the spirit of Halloween. Crafted with utmost care, this enigmatic blend is born from two alluring flavors by Eternal Smoke, promising a spellbinding experience that lingers long after the cauldron has simmered.

A sweet guava, juicy melon, and the delicate allure of rose, gently kissed by a hint of mint - this is the essence of "Witches' Brew." We're utilizing a staff favorite from Eternal Smoke called Houdini's Secret. Enhance the enchantment with "Peach Lit," a dance of fresh and sweet peach flavors, elegantly mingling with the icy caress of mint.

We run this mix on a 30:70 ratio with the peach being on the lighter side. Choose to layer the flavors side by side, letting them merge within the bowl, or mix them together before packing, creating a harmonious spellbinding experience.

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