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Autumn Shisha Sale: A Customer Participation Event

Autumn Shisha Sale: A Customer Participation Event

By SmokeOrPass / September 11, 2018

Hookah SHisha Fall Sale

Virgos, Libras, Scorpios, and all other fans of the Fall season.


Fall is a widely celebrated season here in our office and this time around we're going to have a little fun but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Fall Shisha Flavors

Fall Shisha Flavors

We've added some of our favorites with more to come but we want to hear from you about your FAVORITE FALL blends so we can add them to our selection.

How To Submit A Flavor Suggestion

Tangiers Back To School Coupon

There are 3 easy ways to submit a shisha flavor suggestion to our Fall sale category.

1. Leave us a comment on this blog with your flavor suggestion and why it fits in with your fall taste.

2. Leave us a comment on our corresponding "Fall Sale" social media post with your suggestion. You'll see the above image on our Facebook page and Instagram.

3. Leave us a comment on your order with us.

Hookah Packages

Fall Hookah PAckages

If you're in the market for a new hookah we'll have themed packages rolling out that feature free "Fall-Inspired Shisha" and natural charcoal on select hookahs.

Thanks For Checking Us Out

Fall Hookah sale 3pm

We hope that putting our heads together will result in the best selection of fall hookah flavors and mixes. Thanks in advance for the submissions and happy smoking!

Would you like $5 In Reward Points?

Earn $5 in reward points if you submit a Fall inspired mix recipe in your order comments, please add a name if it has one. The reward point will be added after your order is placed and processed.


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