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Shopping Hookah Supplies on Sale FAQ

Taking advantage of hookah specials is a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends. It's also a popular way to smoke tobacco, and you can find some great deals on pipes and tobacco products at our online store. Whether you're looking for a new pipe or shisha tobacco, we have everything you need to enjoy a great hookah smoking experience.


What is shisha?

Shisha is a type of flavored tobacco. The tobacco is placed in a bowl and heated. This causes the molasses flavoring on the tobacco to produce a vapor that is then inhaled for good vibes at a hookah bar or a Saturday night at home with friends.

What is a hookah pipe?

A hookah pipe is a water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco. The tobacco is placed in a bowl at the top of the pipe, and the smoke is drawn through a water chamber and then inhaled. This makes it cooler and smoother.

How do I start smoking hookah?

To start smoking, you'll first need to find the right hookah and accessories, and you can get your start up kit inexpensively in our sales section. This includes a pipe, tobacco, charcoal, and a bowl. There are many different types of pipes, so it's important to find the right one for you (it’s mainly based on size and aesthetics). You'll see that there are plenty of charcoals, hoses, accessories, and bowls for you to set up your discount hookah equipment for a good price. Our store also has plenty of premium-quality shisha flavors that any level of hookah smoker will love.

How do I choose the best hookah and shisha tobacco?

When it comes to choosing the best hookah and tobacco products, there are a few things you need to take into account:

  • -  The type of hookah you’re looking for: What size hookah are you looking for? Do you want a traditional style or something more modern? Would you like an option to add extra hoses?
  • -  The type of tobacco: There are two main types of shisha tobacco. The most common is blonde leaf tobacco which will have a lower nicotine content for a lighter buzz. The second option is dark leaf tobacco that has a much higher nicotine content for a heavy buzz.
  • -  If you do not want to smoke tobacco, there are also herbal types of shisha. These are generally made from tea leaves, sugar cane, real fruit or a combination of these.
  • -  The type of charcoal: Natural hookah charcoal is made from all natural coconut husk and burns longer and cleaner, but it requires an electric coil burner to light them. Quick-lighting hookah charcoal can easily be ignited with a flame lighter quickly but do not last as long and can affect the taste of your smoke flavor.

Where can I find the best deals on discount hookahs and accessories?

You can find hookah specials and discounts on our website. Shop pipes, bowls, tobacco products, and more at the best price.

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