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Happy Hookahween! Haunted Hookahs and more - ON SALE!

Happy Hookahween! Haunted Hookahs and more - ON SALE!

By Grabertrain / October 15, 2012

This sale ends on October 29th at Midnight Central Time!

Throwing or attending a Halloween party this year? Make it even spookier with a specialty Halloween hookah that's 15% off the retail price!

Join us on Facebook and take 20% off any Khalil Mamoon hookah or Nammor hookah!

Also, be sure to check out our Nammor Tigris and Khalil Mamoon upgrade packages below that we will be offering for a limited time only.

It's okay if you're the Bah Humbug of Halloween, we're still giving you something to celebrate!

Mini Skull Hookah

11 inches tall

A mini hookah with a skull on the stem and spooky designs on the base. Perfect for door prizes!

$32.99 $27.99

Reaper Hookah

14 inches tall

The spectre of death himself sitting on a throne of skulls! Available in both a single hose version and a double hose version.

$69.99 $59.49

Bones Hookah

12 inches tall

Two skeletons holding up the   tray made of skulls, with a      skull bowl!

79.99 $67.99

Dark Soul Hookah

16 inches tall

Smoke out of a life-size skull with a dragon perched on top of it! Available in a single and double hose version.

$119.99 $101.99

Antique Skull Hookah

24 inches tall

A stem made of stacked skulls and snakes that sits on a glass base adorned with skulls and crossbones! Available in a single and double hose version.

$124.99 $106.24

Skeleton Hookah

24 inches tall

4 skeletons stand on a skull   and support a tray made of    demon heads. It even comes with a carrying case!    Available in a single & double hose version.

$129.99 $110.49


Nammor Tigris Hookah Upgrade Package

$136.97 $99.99

Khalil Mamoon World Cup Hookah Upgrade Package

$191.98 $149.99


Econo Mya Thunder Hookah

$64.99 $49.99

Pumpkin Hookah

$24.99 $16.99


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