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Hookah Hygiene Tips, During a Virus Outbreak

Hookah Hygiene Tips, During a Virus Outbreak

By smokeorpass / March 27, 2020

We're hopefully not the first place to tell you about the COVID-19 virus that is currently spreading around the world, and if we are, please go wash your hands and type corona into your search bar (not the beer). The severity of this virus has increased so much that many of us are on a voluntary/involuntary self isolation, plus several business have shut down including hookah lounges.

The information swirling around about what you should and shouldn't do to keep from getting sick typically doesn't mention anything about hookah, but we're not surprised. That's why we're here; to provide you with some helpful information!

This time around the awesome Kaloud team did some of the leg work and put together a list of hookah hygiene tips that we've added a few things to. They asked us to get the word out and that's what we're doing today, so buckle up and let's try not to get sick.


You finally have an excuse to keep it all to yourself!  Joking aside, if possible, during your sessions, try not to share the same Hookah with anyone else.  While it is great to have a separate hose, or a disposable hose, there is still the possibility that the virus can be pushed into the base during a purge of stale smoke only to be drawn back up again by the next user. This is a great time to bust out that second hookah or to pick up a cheap secondary hookah to have around with friends come in.


Keep your own equipment as clean as possible, every day and not just during a pandemic.  To that end, one of the best disinfectants is Hydrogen Peroxide because it will not damage the finish on your metal or silicone parts, however you can also use a solution of 4 teaspoons bleach per 1 quart of water, or Isopropyl Alcohol solutions with at least 70 percent alcohol.  (Please note that both bleach and Isopropyl Alcohol may discolor or damage your equipment with use over time).


Along the same lines as number 2, please make sure that you are only using equipment from a trusted source (like us, not the bootleg amazon junk) that you know are taking every precaution to make sure the equipment is as clean as possible. Just because you don't want to use the same hose as your friend, doesn't mean you go grab that old hose that you swapped months ago for your current, this is the perfect time to use a disposable hookah hose or keep a bag of mouthtips around you.


Hookah gives buzzes not fevers and if you're not feeling so hot, a bowl of Cane Mint will not change anything for you. We know this might not be a popular suggestion right now, but because Covid19 is a respiratory infection, smoking, especially heavy daily smoking of things like cigarettes, vapes, and even Hookah, may create complications in your body's ability to deal with and heal. We're pretty sure if you tested positive for this virus that hookah would be at the lowest level of importance, but it just has to be said for the people in the back.


You likely already know this, but the better your overall mood, the better your mind and body will function; this includes your immune system.  There's no question we're all under a lot of stress, but if you can, try to seek out those things that help you regain your balance, whether those things are movies, books, your friends, or any hobbies you have that won't expose you to unnecessary risk of exposure.  Also, a deeper, more accurate, understanding of Covid19 may alleviate some of the anxiety and stress currently associated with it. 


At the end of the day, please use common sense. Don't rub all over mics during a press conference, lick items in the grocery store, or try any of the corona challenges from Tik-Tok (definitley don't do that). You'll be fine.

We are all in this together and together we will come out the other side better than ever! 

<3 Hookah-Shisha & Kaloud Crew

(We're not doctors)

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