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How many hookah hoses does my hookah REALLY need?

How many hookah hoses does my hookah REALLY need?

By christophanes / April 13, 2009

So Many Hookah Hoses!

One of the key decisions to make when selecting a hookah is the number of hoses you'd like accessible to your smoking circle.   Should you select a model that cannot be modified from 3 hoses? Would you be better off getting a multi-hose hookah with an adjustable number of hose ports? In this blog, we hope to impart some perspectives that may help you answer these questions. One phrase you may hear in the discussion of hookah hoses is "autoseal". Auto-sealing is a relatively modern function available on most multi-hose hookahs, although "autoseal" refers to the hose connector (or "hose port") rather than the hose itself. An autoseal connector has a small metal ball bearing inside it that raises out of the path of the air when you're inhaling, and falls back to block off the air's path when not inhaling. Without an autoseal system on a 2 (or more) hose hookah, if you don't block the hose with your finger while someone else inhales, they will draw in air through your hose and get a weak hit with little or no smoke. With a plugged hookah hose, or an autoseal, all of the air in the hit comes through the bowl, bringing smoke and flavor with it. While autoseals are by no means necessary for a great-smoking and entertaining hookah session, if you're smoking with someone who is new to hookahs, you may want to use autoseal adapters so your guest doesn't have to remember to plug the hose between draws. For experienced hookah smokers, this will be less of an issue. Traditionally, one hose on a hookah was sufficient for four or five smokers. Passing, sharing, and patiently waiting for the hose to come around was part of the leisure of a hookah session; early hookah enthusiasts were far more interested in a relaxing moment well spent than maximum time with a hose, or biggest clouds of smoke. If you will regularly be smoking with large groups of people, or if you want a hookah with an extra-impressive appearance, two or three hoses (or even four or six!) may be what you prefer. Bear in mind, too, that if three or four people are attempting to smoke one hookah through their own hoses at the same time, there will be competition for the air pressure, and the hookah will have a hard time generating enough smoke for four people drawing simultaneously. Additionally, more people smoking out of more hoses on a hookah means the bowl will smoke for a shorter period, and you may even need to replace coal more often. All in all, though, don't forget these are just informative tips - there's no rule to govern how many hoses you should have. If you really like 3 hose hookahs, than a 3 hose hookah is perfect for you - even if you're smoking alone!

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