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How To Survive A Hookah-Pocalypse

How To Survive A Hookah-Pocalypse

By danny / January 12, 2015

Have you ever found yourself wanting to smoke hookah but you didn't have the supplies necessary to make it happen? Perhaps you've got coals and a hookah, but no shisha. Or you've got everything set up and ready to go but then reach your hand into an empty box of charcoal and your night is ruined. The question to ask yourself is this - Could I survive the Hookah-Pocalypse?

Whether it's 6 days until pay-day, negative 10 degrees outside, your latest order from Hookah-Shisha won't arrive for 2 more days, or the streets are over-run by hordes of zombies hell-bent on human flesh, if you follow our suggestions you and your Hookah-Pocalypse survival kit will be able to smoke a great tasting bowl of shisha whenever you want.

Hookah-Pocalypse Survival Kit Supplies

1) A Durable, Reliable Hookah

This is, of course, a necessity. Everyone loves to have a snazzy show-piece hookah with a beautiful glass base, tall stem, and various accouterments, but when the zombie hordes are coming for you, a durable hookah reigns supreme. If you are looking for a durable hookah we recommend a Mya Acrylic hookah. It has a solid stem, clay bowl, and hose and best of all, the base is NOT made of glass, but rather a sturdy acrylic material.

When your friends are crying over their fancy broken bases you can lean back, smile, and smoke from your nearly indestructible acrylic hookah. If all else fails, check out our favorite DIY homemade hookahs and make your own hookah-pocalypse ready creation.

mya acrylic hookah

2) Plenty of Hookah Coals

Missing out on a shisha session because you are out of coals is the worst. Coals are essential to hookah, so keep yourself well stocked. We recommend always having an emergency box on hand, just in case. Just pick up a 108 piece box of Titanium Coals, or a 120 piece box of Coco Naras and leave them in your Hookah-Pocalypse survival kit for emergency use only. And if you reeeeeally want to be prepared, grab a couple of rolls of Ignite quick light coals and a Bic lighter and toss those in there as well.

3) A Propane Coal Burner

If you want to be prepared, and we mean REALLY prepared, for any situation you should have a butane coal burner and some butane canisters on hand at all times. This way if the electric grids have been taken out by waves of undead roaming the streets (or maybe it's just raining and the power/gas goes out) then you can still smoke your hookah in peace. As an added bonus, butane burners can be used when camping for your hookah and food preparation needs.

newport butane hookah charcoal burner

4) Plenty of Foil / A Reliable Bowl Screen

In a pinch you can always use regular old aluminum foil from the store, so we recommend keeping a roll in your Hookah-Pocalypse survival kit, but true hookah masters know that only real hookah foil will do. Hookah foil is cheap as can be, so pick up an extra 100-pack or two and toss them in your survival kit. If you don't dig the idea of all that foil, we recommend ditching the foil altogether and getting yourself a nice, shiny, new Kaloud Lotus.

5) Plenty of Classic Shisha Flavors

Shisha, when stored properly (air-tight, away from heat/light), can last quite a long time. In order to keep yourself prepared we recommend keeping a sizable stash of your favorite simple shisha flavors. Mixed flavors are great, but if you are hunkering down for an extended stay in the zombie-proof bunker, you will get bored of them quite easily. If you've got 500g - 1000g of three or four great flavors (think mint, lemon, strawberry, etc.) then you can make up your own mixes anytime you want and you'll be less likely to run out completely.

shisha tobacco

6) Emergency Water Supply

Anyone who has accidentally hit a dry hookah before can tell you that it sucks to try to smoke hookah without water. Keep a gallon or two of drinking water in with your emergency supplies and you can smoke in any situation, including one where your water is turned off. If you are thinking that you can just use some water from that creek behind your house, think again. That water is swimming with all sorts of things that you don't want to inhale. Spend the 2 bucks and keep a bit of clean drinking water on hand for when times get tough.

7) A Wind Cover

As the Hookah-Pocalypse draws on and on your supplies will start to dwindle. Tough choices will have to be made (like whether you want to drink the last of your emergency water or smoke one last bowl of hookah) and if you are smart and conserve your supplies, you can keep on smoking long after your comrades have run out of their supplies. One of the best ways to stretch your hookah supplies is with the use of a windcover. Not only do you use less coals with a windcover, your bowls also smoke longer. It's a no-brainer!

hookah windcovers

8) A Roll of Paper Towels

Last, but not least, you should always have a roll of paper towels on hand. As society crumbles, so may your beloved hookah grommets, and without them your hookah will leak air like a sieve and your hookah sessions will suffer greatly. But worry not fellow survivalists! A bit of damp paper towel can seal up a leaky hookah in no time, and in post-apocalyptic society no one will make fun of your janky looking hookah if it works. Check out this post on the paper towel trick for more information.

With your newly acquired Hookah-Pocalypse survival kit you and those close to you will be smoking in style as the world around you crumbles (or until your next pay-check clears) while those around you curse their short-sightedness.

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