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CocoBrico Hookah Charcoal

CocoBrico Charcoal FAQ

CocoBrico hookah charcoal has a large following of experienced hookah smokers from all over the world. They offer natural charcoal made from coconut shell husks for better heat output, less ash, and better longevity. These CocoBrico hookah coals make for the perfect addition to any bowl. Make sure to use CocoBrico coals with premium hookahs and high-quality tobacco. You'll find this brand at hookah lounges or in-home settings because they're considered one of the featured best and most consistent brands in the industry. Shop for these shisha products on our site today.

How do I light CocoBrico coals?

Since CocoBrico makes natural coconut coals, you will need to use an electric coil stove or charcoal burner to light them rather than just a conventional lighter. Place your charcoal on the electric stove or burner. Turn up the heat until the CocoBirco coals are lit and flip them with tongs. Depending on the size, the shape, and the power of the burner, these shisha coals will be fully lit after around 7 to 15 minutes. Heat until all sides are red-orange.

Which CocoBrico charcoal shape should I use for my hookah?

CocoBrico offers several different shapes and styles. The versatility of the flat coals allows them to be easily used on both hookah foil and in heat management devices (HMDs). The cube and big cube coals are significantly larger than the flat ones and provide a slightly hotter session with an increased burn time. They are best for large hookah bowls and heat management devices. The lotus cut shapes are specifically designed for heat management devices. Check out our blog to learn more about hookah charcoal.

How long do CocoBrico coals last on modern hookah bases?

These coals last an average of 45 to 60 minutes for your hookah bowl and tray. However, this can depend on several factors such as the frequency of pulls and the airflow surrounding your hookah device. Using a wind cover or heat management device can help increase the overall burn time of your coals.

How many pieces of hookah coal should I use for my bowl?

Depending on the size of your bowl and choice of shisha tobacco, we recommend using two to three pieces on your hookah tray at one time. Need help managing the heat on your bowl? Check out our blog here.

What makes CocoBrico charcoal better than traditional options?

CocoBrico products are made of 100% natural materials. With the main ingredient consisting of raw coconut husks, you will find no chemicals or additives in the product. Their hookah coal is environmentally friendly and does not produce any harmful emissions when burned. Plus, it has low ash content and allows you to smoke your favorite shisha tobacco for a long time.

Where can I buy CocoBrico products?

You can shop for CocoBrico products as well as other hookah accessories on the Hookah-Shisha website. We have plenty of natural and quick-light options for your bowls. Shop for the best new deals without having to pay a high price for your favorite products.

What are the different types of CocoBrico charcoal?

CocoBrico Lotus Cut Charcoal

The CocoBrico brand has created a series of high-quality charcoal for hookah smokers in a lounge, house, or outdoor setting. The lotus cut coals are crafted to fit perfectly inside your heat management device. These make for the best hookah smoking experience.

CocoBrico Flat Hookah Charcoal

The CocoBrico brand created a name for itself within the European market. This was achieved by creating flat coals, as well as their popular cube shapes. Their use of all-natural materials allowed them to gain many fans. The coal has been utilized by smokers in hookah lounges, at home, and outdoors. When choosing coal, you want the best quality for your premium hookahs.

CocoBrico Cube Hookah Charcoal

These high-heat cube-shaped pieces are crafted with raw coconut husk and produce a clean-burning smoking experience. You can utilize these on foil or inside an HMD along with your best hookah flavors.

CocoBrico Box BigCube Coal

This box of hookah coal contains big cubes for large hookah bowls. It's the perfect shisha product for hookah lounges and avid smokers.





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