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CocoBrico Hookah Charcoal

Hailing from Europe with a strong fan base, CocoBrico hookah charcoal has developed an unshakeable following with hookah smokers from all over the world. CocoBrico prides themselves on the use of all-natural, chemical-free coconut husks in their proprietary formula that excels in heat output, ash content, and overall longevity - all while providing producing some of the cleanest, most accurate flavor from your shisha. You'll find these coals burning in every possible hookah setting whether it be in thousands of hookah lounges all over the world, the homes of many hookah enthusiasts, and even on some of our bowls here at the warehouse. CocoBrico coals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing options for any need ranging from a small sample size (just to try them out) up to bulk hookah charcoal with their massive lounge case - making it easier than ever to find out why CocoBrico coals are considered one of the best, most consistent charcoal brands in hookah today.

How do I light CocoBrico coals? 

Since CocoBrico makes natural coconut coals, you will need to use an electric coil stove or charcoal burner to properly light them. Place your charcoal directly on the electric coil or burner and turn it up to high. Once the bottom half of the coals are lit, give them a flip with your tongs so the other side can light. Depending on the size of the coal you're using and the power of the burner, these coals will be fully lit after approximately 7-15 minutes, or when all sides are entirely red-orange.

What are the differences between CocoBrico's various coal shapes? 

CocoBrico offers several different shapes and styles of natural coconut charcoal. The versatility of "flat" style coals allows them to be easily used on both foil and in heat management devices. "Cube" and "Big Cube" shaped coals are significantly larger than "flat" coals and provide a slightly hotter session with a slightly increased burn time, however can be a little too big for some bowls and heat management devices. "Lotus Cut" coals are specifically designed for use in heat management devices such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus. Check out our blog to learn more about hookah charcoal.

How long do CocoBrico coals last when smoking?  

CocoBrico coals last an average of 45-60 minutes, however this can depend on several factors such as frequency of pulls and the airflow wherever you are smoking. Using a wind cover or heat management device can help increase the overall burn time of your coals.

How many pieces of CocoBrico hookah coal should I use on my hookah bowl?  

Depending on the size of your bowl and choice of shisha tobacco, we recommend using approximately 2-3 pieces of CocoBrico natural coconut charcoal on your bowl at one time. Need help managing the heat on your bowl? Check out our blog here.





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