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Introducing the Mya Freeze Hookah Hose

Introducing the Mya Freeze Hookah Hose

By Jono / April 7, 2011

Most people love their hookah smoke to be cool, crisp, and refreshing. For generations, people have used ice in their bowls to cool the smoke. Then the Ice Chamber was invented.  More recently, hookah manufacturers have come up with the brilliant idea of adding ice packets to their hookah hoses. Let's just pause for a second to think about how cold your smoke would be if you used all three! Mercy. The newest craze to hit the streets is the Mya Freeze Hookah Hose! Its incognito design let's you enjoy cool smoke without any undesirable eye-sore cosmetic distractions.

The Mya Freeze's non-toxic water capsules are ready to use within several hours after placing them in any standard freezer. Since each hookah hose comes with two ice capsules, you can switch them out between bowls so you won't ever have to smoke without it! Simply unscrew the handle, pop one capsule in, screw it back on, and smoke!  See below. They also come in 5 different colors: Blue, Black, Green, White, and Red.

Try it today and let us know what you think about the new Mya Freeze hookah hose by posting on our Facebook page or by leaving comments below.  We always love hearing from you!  Till next time... Stay cool friends! CLICK HERE to order your new Mya Freeze Hookah Hose today!

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