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New Al Fakher Cream Flavors

New Al Fakher Cream Flavors

By Danny / November 11, 2013

Al Fakher's new line of creamy shisha flavors is finally here and it was worth the wait.  We have four new flavors for you to try out.  They are Grape with Cream, Orange with Cream, Strawberry with Cream, and Mint with Cream.  The names are fairly self explanatory, each blend starts with a classic Al Fakher flavor and adds a creamy background.  Orange with cream will remind you of the taste of an orange creamsicle pop.  Strawberry with cream will remind you of strawberry shortbread minus the shortbread, and so on.  We really like these new shisha flavors from Al Fakher and think you will too.  All of the new Al Fakher with Cream flavors are available in either 50g or 250g sizes.


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