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Mint Flavored Shisha FAQ


Ugly Grape Mint Shisha Tobacco

With this mint-flavored tobacco product, you can expect a stronger buzz thanks to a smooth blend of mint and grape. The characterizing flavor of menthol is sweet, unmistakable, and smooth till the last puff.

Azure Winter Peach Shisha Tobacco

Add a Southern twist to icy mint and menthol with the sweet flavors of a sun-ripened peach. Azure Tobacco's Winter collection offers this unique and creative flavor profile, highlighting the candy-like taste of a peach that complements the cool undertones of cool mint tobacco.

Azure Alaskan Ice Shisha Tobacco

The flavor of Alaskan Ice tobacco brings forth the same powerful chill inspired by Alaska's own Denali. If you're looking for minty-flavored shisha tobacco, this product can easily take center stage or play a significant role in cooling down your current favorite blend.

Azure Rio Mint Shisha Tobacco

Every pouch of Rio Mint has rich peppermint-flavored tobacco that is pleasant, cooling, and smooth. This is because Azure develops their flavored tobacco products in small batches using unique flavors so that you can enjoy a fresh hookah bowl each and every time.

Azure Winter Berries Shisha Tobacco

Nothing says winter quite like the winter berry blend from Azure! With the menthol flavor in this tobacco product, you'll find that the fruit-flavored sweet notes are stronger and more prominent. The tart, juicy berry flavors pull through the cool mint, removing the bitterness of the tobacco.

Azure Winter Lemon Shisha Tobacco

Azure's use of flavors in this Winter Lemon pouch is expertly combined. If you enjoy sweet, citrusy lemon, you'll find that it makes for an excellent pair with the mint flavor. Mix this flavored tobacco product with other fruity flavors like cherry or strawberry to enhance its citrus notes.

Azure Winter Orange Shisha Tobacco

The use of flavors in Azure's Winter Orange collection blends the bright and sweet flavors of orange with a cooling mint. This citrus profile is almost reminiscent of dessert and can stand on its own as an interesting and unique flavor for a tobacco product.

Tangiers Wintergreen Shisha Tobacco

For an added minty sensation to your hookah session, wintergreen flavors are your best bet. Whether you're planning to smoke this solo or add it to an existing blend, Tangiers tobacco is jam-packed with a powerful cooling mint.

Tangiers Experimint Shisha Tobacco

While hookah businesses offer plenty of wintergreen flavors to choose from, this pouch from Tangiers is best for spearmint fanatics. The intense flavor feels fresh and ripe like the very first chew of your favorite spearmint gum. It's a must-try for those who want a strong buzz with higher nicotine content.

NU Blueberry Crush Shisha Tobacco

New flavors for hookah are always making their way to stores. From candy flavors to spice, fruit flavors, and mint, there's an ideal blend for every smoker. NU's Blueberry Crush incorporates the bold sweetness of candied blueberries, creating a unique flavor that's sweet, fruity, and fun.

When it comes to tobacco products, you'll find that menthol is a staple. Whether it's a cool mint tobacco flavor or an orange and menthol blend for your hookah, you'll understand why it's enjoyed by both experts and new tobacco users alike. The minty flavor softens the harshness of the smoke, introducing a calming aroma and a cooling sensation. Notes of menthol easily pair with fruity flavors like blueberry, mango, and grape. Mint-flavored hookah tobacco is refreshing, versatile, and smooth to the senses.

No matter which flavor you choose, Hookah Shisha offers only the best products from top-tier tobacco companies like Tangiers, NU, and Azure. Browse different tobacco products by selecting flavor profiles like creamy, fruity, minty, dessert, spice, or tropical. You can even shop on the site and sort by tobacco type, size, and brand. Find everything you need from hookah equipment to accessories, shisha tobacco products, and more.

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