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Mya Hookah Bowls

MYA Saray Hookah Bowls FAQ

The team behind the world-famous Mya Saray hookah pipes also offers their very own replacement hookah bowls! With decades of experience in hookah, MYA delivers quality experiences at an affordable price point that can be enjoyed by all levels of hookah smokers. Interested in more from MYA's collection? Check out their hookahs, hoses, and shisha tobacco!

What are MYA bowls made out of? 

MYA hookah bowls are made from lightweight ceramic.

How do I clean my MYA hookah bowl? 

Typically a rinse with hot water and soap is all that is needed, and you can use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tough residue. The inside of the bowl is unglazed and will develop a permanent patina, or "seasoning", over time. Allowing your bowl to fully cool off before cleaning will help prevent stress fractures or other damage caused by temperature shock.

Are MYA bowls compatible with heat management devices? 

No, MYA hookah bowls are not designed for use with a heat management device.





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