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Tangiers Hookah Bowls

Tangiers Hookah Bowls FAQ

Many know Tangiers Tobacco as the ones who pioneered the world of dark-leaf shisha with their original Noir collection, however, they also have another claim to fame as the inventors of the phunnel hookah bowl! Recognizing that no other bowl on the market allowed their tobacco to flourish, Tangiers created the "phunnel" bowl that featured a unique style designed to trap flavor juices and enhance the way people smoked shisha. Despite hundreds if not thousands of bowls co-opting their original design, Tangiers has stayed at the top with one of the best collections of hookah bowls to date.

Where are Tangiers hookah bowls made? 

Tangiers bowls are handcrafted in Arizona, USA!

What is a "phunnel" hookah bowl? 

"Phunnel" bowls are designed with one large air intake hole that sits in the middle of the bowl just above the shisha allowing for excellent airflow. This raised design traps flavor juices and results in longer-lasting, better-tasting sessions with thicker clouds of smoke.

How do I clean my Tangiers hookah bowl?  

Typically a rinse with hot water and soap is all that is needed to clean a Tangiers clay bowl, and you can use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tough residue if needed. Remember to allow your bowl to fully cool off before cleaning to avoid fracturing or damaging the clay.

Are Tangiers hookah bowls compatible with heat management devices?  

No, Tangiers bowls are not designed to be used with heat management devices. You can check out our collection of HMD-compatible bowls here.

Do Tangiers hookah bowls come with a grommet? 

No, Tangiers bowls do not come included with a rubber hookah bowl grommet. You can find our available grommets here.





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