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Hookah Charcoal Types FAQ

Smoking a hookah has become one of the trendiest ways to smoke flavored tobacco in recent times. The first hookah in the form we know today dates back to 16th century India and has gone through a lot of changes since then. But there are still some parts of the hookah that haven't changed, like the charcoal. There are a few types of hookah charcoal and many different brands on the market today, but its main purpose, to heat the tobacco and its flavorings to create enjoyable smoke, remains the same.

Charcoal used for hookah smoking is made from natural components like coconut husks left over as the by-product from coconut processed products There are two categories for hookah charcoal: natural and quick-lighting. Natural charcoal and quick-light charcoal offer smokers several ways to heat shisha. The type of charcoal you use is a personal preference, and we offer a variety of hookah charcoal products for you to choose from. Browse our selection of charcoal to find a product that's right for you.

What are the different types of hookah charcoal?

There are two main types of coal for your hookah: quick-light coals and natural hookah coals. Quick-light coals light fast due to accelerants added to the outer layer of the charcoal. These coals light faster than natural coals. Natural coals are typically made from coconut husks and have become an industry standard. These coals are made from compressed coconut shells and take longer to light, but they're much longer-lasting, provide a hotter output and don't add any taste to your bowl, giving you the cleanest flavor possible when smoking. Both types of charcoal serve as a great heat source for a smoke session. Different smokers prefer different types of coal.

How is hookah charcoal used?

An essential part of any hookah session is the charcoal. All types of hookah charcoal act as a heating element that helps transform shisha into thick, aromatic clouds and delicious flavor. In order to light coals successfully, an electric burner with a coil is recommended.

  • - Place the coals directly onto the burner, either close together or almost touching.
  • - Turn the heat to a medium or high setting.
  • - Let the charcoal heat up for about 4 to 5 minutes on one side, and remember that heating times may vary.
  • - Flip the coals once they have become lit on one side.
  • - Let them heat on the other side for another 1 to 2 minutes.
  • - When they're red-hot and glowing as well as covered in a light layer of ash, then they're ready to be placed on the hookah.
  • - If you need to transport your coals, make sure to use either a good pair of hookah tongs or a coal carrier.

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Hookah Charcoal Types




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