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Kaloud Hookah Charcoal

Kaloud Charcoal FAQ

Kaloud revolutionized the hookah game with the creation of the world's first heat management device (HMD): the Kaloud Lotus. Since the Lotus, they've released improved versions of the original Kaloud Lotus, their own line of silicone hookah bowls, and even a line of natural coconut hookah charcoal! Made with coconut shells, everything about Kaloud Aura hookah coals lives up to their premium branding, even the packaging. Each piece is created with a "half-moon" shape that fits perfectly inside a Kaloud Lotus, as well as most other HMDs. It allows for optimal heat management throughout every smoke session.


How do I light Kaloud coals?

Kaloud only makes natural coconut hookah charcoal, so you'll need an electric coil stove or a charcoal burner to light them. Place your cube natural coals directly on the coil or burner and turn it to the highest setting. Once the charcoal is halfway lit, use a pair of metal tongs to flip them over. Depending on the size you're using and the power of the burner, these coals will be fully lit after approximately seven to 15 minutes or when all sides are entirely covered in ash and glow red-orange.

What is a heat management device?

A heat management device for a hookah is a device used to keep the temperature burning at a consistent level. This is important because it helps to produce a consistent flavor from the tobacco. The HMD also prevents it from getting too hot and potentially damaging the hookah or shisha pipe. There are a number of different heat management devices available on the market, and each has its unique set of features and benefits. Kaloud Lotus is the first ever HMD created. Since then, there have been improved versions of the Lotus. If you're interested in something reliable, the Kaloud Lotus heat management system is the best option for hookah lovers.

Why should I use Kaloud hookah charcoal for my hookah?

There are a few reasons why natural charcoal is a better option than the alternatives:

  • -  Natural charcoal is made from coconut shells.
  • -  It's more eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other types of charcoal, producing minimal ash and smoke.
  • -  Natural hookah charcoal works well with HMDs like the Original Lotus, Lotus I+, Lotus II, and Lotus III.

You can even shop for accessories on our website at Check out the Kaloud Krysalis bowls or the Kaloud Samsaris Bowl to add to your setup.

How do I use my Kaloud Lotus heat management device?

The Kaloud Lotus was the world's first hookah heat management device and is designed to be a replacement for aluminum foil when smoking. The Lotus is placed directly on your hookah bowl. No foil is required and it offers cleaner tasting sessions alongside easier heat management. It also acts as a wind cover, which helps prolong the life of your lit charcoal. You can find Kaloud's collection of heat management devices here. We have everything hookah enthusiasts need for a good smoke session.

How long does Kaloud hookah charcoal last when smoking?

Kaloud Aura charcoal lasts an average of 60 minutes. However, this can depend on several factors, such as the frequency of pulls, the heat source, and the airflow wherever you are smoking.

How many pieces of Kaloud coals should I use on my hookah bowl?

Kaloud Aura coals are designed using a "half-moon" shape that is specifically designed for use in heat management devices like the Kaloud Lotus Plus. We recommend using one to two pieces of charcoal depending on your shisha of choice. Due to the specific shape and size, most heat management devices cannot accommodate more than two pieces.





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