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Pharaohs Hookah Hoses

Pharaohs Hookah Hoses FAQ

Pharaohs Hookahs have their hands in many different baskets, and that includes hookah hoses! With modern, washable hoses that feature unique design styles like a see-through handle or an ultra-flexible, collapsible hose tubing, Pharaohs hookah hoses aim to deliver smooth draws and clean, accurate flavor from your shisha with every puff. Interested in more from Pharaohs? Explore their vast collection of hookahs, charcoal, and bowls to find your perfect setup.

What are Pharaohs hoses made out of? 

Pharaohs hookah hoses are made using a range of materials including silicone, plastic, and anodized aluminum.

Are Pharaohs hoses washable? 

Yes, Pharaohs hoses are entirely washable.

Will a Pharaohs hose work with my hookah? 

Pharaohs hookah hoses are virtually universal and can be used across a variety of different hookah pipes. That being said, there are some rare exceptions such as custom or antique hookahs, as well as some glass models that may require an adapter. We recommend avoiding using them with very small hookahs, as the weight of the hose may cause them to tip over.

Do Pharaohs hoses have an open or restricted draw? 

Pharaohs hookah hoses feature an open, less restricted draw that is easy to inhale.

Do Pharaohs hoses come with a grommet? 

No, Pharaohs hookah hoses are not sold with a grommet. You can find our available hookah hose grommets here.





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