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Pharaohs Hookah Charcoal

Pharaohs Charcoal FAQ

The Pharaohs brand was started back in 2002 with the goal of bringing quality hookah products to the masses at affordable prices. Today, the company offers a wide range of hookahs and hookah products, including quality charcoal. Pharaohs now offers their Coconut Quick-Light Charcoal to provide the best smoke session possible.

Available in multiple sizes, these Pharaoh's charcoals are easy to light, getting your hookah puffing in no time! These high-quality hookah coals are made with natural materials primarily consisting of compressed coconut husks. Each coal is coated with an accelerant allowing them to be lit with a typical flame lighter, perfect for those not wanting or able to use a charcoal burner to light natural coals. Pharaohs lets you experience the reliability of coconut coals combined with the ease and convenience of quick-light charcoal with no special equipment required!

We're proud to offer the Pharaohs series of charcoal as individual rolls of 10 coals or by the box. Browse our selection of Pharaohs coals to help deliver smooth, well-balanced heat throughout your smoke session.

How do I light Pharaohs coals?

Pharaohs coals are made from coconut but also feature a quick-lighting coating, so all you need to light them is a set of metal tongs and a regular flame lighter. Use your tongs to safely hold each piece of coal and place the flame on its edge until it begins to spark. Your hookah charcoal will begin to self-light and will be finished after 2 to 3 minutes or until all sides are completely gray and glowing orange.

How long do Pharaohs coals last when smoking?

Pharaohs coals stay lit for approximately 45 minutes on average, depending on several factors, including how often you inhale and the overall level of airflow surrounding your hookah. Using a hookah charcoal wind cover or heat management device can provide a moderate increase in overall burn time if desired.

How many pieces of Pharaohs hookah coals should I use?

We recommend using one to two pieces of Pharaohs charcoal on your hookah bowl at one time, depending on the size of your bowl and your shisha of choice. Check out our blog to learn all you need to know about hookah heat management.

Should I light my charcoal atop my hookah?

No matter what type of hookah charcoal you're using for your smoke session, it isn't recommended that you light them atop your hookah. In general, you'll want to use a coal burner to light your coals before transferring them to your hookah. However, if you have a quick-light product like Pharaohs coal, you can light it with a lighter or matches and a set of tongs. When each one is lit, you can place it in your hookah.

Which type of hookah charcoal is best for me?

The type of hookah charcoal that's best for you is dependent upon your smoking preferences. Pharaohs hookah charcoal is remarkably easy to light and will have your hookah smoking in no time. Comparatively, other types of natural charcoal require an electric coil burner to get them started and take a little longer to get fully lit.



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