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Pharaohs Hookah Bowls

The Pharaohs Hookah brand was created to deliver high-quality hookahs without breaking the bank and this goal has evolved into them creating their very own line of affordable hookah bowls on top of their selection of pipes! Offering glass, ceramic, and even silicone accessories with a range of types from traditional styles to modern phunnel bowls, Pharaohs makes it easy to upgrade your hookah bowl and enjoy a better shisha smoking experience.

What are Pharaohs bowls made out of? 

Pharaohs hookah bowls are made of a variety of different materials including silicone, glass, and ceramic clay.

How do I clean my Pharaohs hookah bowl? 

A rinse with hot water and soap is all that is needed to clean a Pharaohs bowl in most situations, however, you can use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tougher residue. Allow your bowl to cool off completely before cleaning to prevent damage caused by temperature shock.

Are Pharaohs hookah bowls compatible with heat management devices?  

Some Pharaohs bowls, such as the Flo Bowl, are compatible with heat management devices, however, other models are not. To find out if your bowl is compatible with an HMD, check out the respective product pages for each bowl or reach out to our friendly customer service team.

Do Pharaohs bowls come with a hookah grommet? 

No, Pharaohs hookah bowls will not include a rubber hookah bowl grommet. You can find our available selection of grommets here.



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