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Amira and BYO Hookahs

Originally known as Amira Hookahs, the team behind this collection has since rebranded into BYO Hookahs! Don't worry though, the name change came with the same great quality as before on top of an even more expansive selection of modern hookah designs. BYOs often come with a variety of beneficial add-ons including built-in diffusers, twist-to-lock base connections, and washable hoses; all at an affordable, budget-friendly price point. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first hookah package or a long-time smoker searching for the next piece to add to their collection, BYO's vast selection makes it easier than ever to find your perfect hookah without breaking the bank.

What are Amira & BYO hookahs made out of? 

Amira & BYO hookahs utilize a wide range of materials within their hookahs. The most common materials are stainless steel and high-quality aluminum. There are also some made from acrylic, glass, and even some that are made from their proprietary fusion of resin and wood (known as "Resin-Wood").

What is resin? 

Resin epoxy is a type of plastic-ey material that has many uses in the world made possible by its versatile nature and extreme durability. When used in hookahs, it is typically a decorative exterior component that can be combined with wood elements and other materials to create unique, colorful designs.

Can I add another hose to my Amira or BYO hookah?

Amira & BYO hookahs can use hose adapters on select models to convert extra ports into hose ports for additional hoses. These hose adapters have built-in valve plugs so you don't have to cover the hose when someone wants to inhale.

What do Amira & BYO hookahs come with? 

Our Amira & BYO hookah packages contain everything you need to start smoking as soon as the box shows up on your doorstep. Each hookah includes a stem, glass base, hookah hose, hookah bowl, coal tray, and all the grommets you'll need to make your hookah airtight. You'll also receive our collection of free gifts that include a small pack of shisha flavor, hookah charcoal, tongs, pre-punched aluminum foil, and a stem cleaning brush!

Which bases are compatible with Amira & BYO hookahs? 

Amira & BYO hookahs feature proprietary "twist-to-lock" base designs that are only compatible with Amira and BYO bases of the same model. As we are only sent the full hookahs from the manufacturer, we do not typically have individual replacement bases on hand. To find a replacement base for your Amira or BYO hookah, check out the manufacturer's selection of bases or reach out to our friendly customer service team; we'll be happy to assist as much as we're able.

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