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Sahara Smoke Hookahs

Smokezilla Hookahs FAQ

Smokezilla is renowned for its professional and high-quality water pipes. Smokezilla hookah models feature high-quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum in the design, resulting in a particularly impressive product. Those who have experienced smoking with Smokezilla water pipes never want to switch back due to its splendid craftsmanship, which allows for maximum satisfaction.

Depending on the model, the Smokezilla hub is capable of connecting up to four hoses allowing for a comfortable smoke session between you and friends. Included on some models are molasses catchers to help keep your stem and base water clean. Smokezilla hookahs have a twist-to-lock base connection eliminating the need for a base grommet. Customization is also very easy on models such as the Muto which are completely modular, meaning one setup can be adjusted in height and accessories.

With Smokezilla water pipes, you can enjoy your experience without any worries. Smokezilla bundles offer a quality hookah with all the accessories you need to have a unique smoke session. Browse our selection of Smokezilla pipes and bundles to find the perfect product for your next smoke session.

What makes Smokezilla hookahs unique?

Created with fine craftsmanship and quality materials, Smokezilla's hookahs are European pipes that feature unique designs and innovations. Features such as molasses catchers, metal-to-metal connections, unique hose adapters, high-quality stainless steel, and various colors allow Smokezilla hookahs to stand out. When you have a Smokezilla pipe, it will be noticed wherever you smoke. These hookahs are robust, high quality, and especially easy to care for.

What comes with Smokezilla bundles?

As usual, all Smokezilla options come with all of the necessary parts for a complete setup so you can get smoking right away. You will receive a base, stem, a single hose, coal tray, bowl, a chimney-style HMD, and depending on the model, a molasses catcher and hose adapters. There are various bundles available as well, like The Road Trip bundle that includes a carrying case, hookah coals, an ice hose tip, a charcoal heater, and more. These bundles make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. When you buy one of our Smokezilla bundles, you get everything you need to enjoy a unique smoke session. Browse our selection to get the perfect bundle today.

How can you clean your Smokezilla hookah?

Smokezilla pipes are made from quality materials that are easy to assemble and are just as easy to take apart and clean. Like all other hookahs, your Smokezilla hookah and hoses will need to be cleaned frequently in order to ensure enjoyable smoke sessions. Over time, flavors may settle in the hose and hookah stem, which can distort the taste and spoil your smoking experience. You can easily clean your hookah by following the steps below:

  • - Disassemble your hookah into its different components.
  • - Rinse each piece with warm water, and use a mild dish soap or lemon juice for a deeper clean..
  • - Allow each piece to air dry and hang up any hoses to drain and dry.

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