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Hookah Styles FAQ

Hookah pipes are becoming increasingly popular for their unique smoking experience and aesthetic appeal, with many different styles available to choose from. Hookah styles range from traditional and modern to mini and multi-hose, offering something for everyone. We’ve made it easy for you to find cool hookahs in different styles with our collection of high-quality hookahs.

What are the different hookah styles?

Hookahs come in many different styles and shapes to suit any hookah smoker's needs. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • - Traditional Hookahs: The traditional hookah pipe is one of the oldest and most widely recognized styles of hookah pipes. Traditional hookahs, such as Egyptian hookahs, are known for their ornate, handmade shafts and bases. Each shaft is made one by one by an artisan, including the etchings for design, and each base is hand blown. This style of hookah is typically made from stainless steel but can also include materials such as brass, copper or a combination of each.
  • - Modern Hookahs: Modern hookah pipes are the latest and most popular style of hookah pipes. They are made in a large variety of materials, styles and designs. Many modern hookahs are also completely modular meaning they have a lot more flexibility when it comes to customization, like adding hoses or other accessories. Because modern style hookahs are machine made in several pieces, cleaning and storing them is often favorable for those just starting out in hookah and enthusiast alike. You can find modern hookahs made from stainless steel, high-grade aluminum, wood, acrylic and even aerospace-grade metals.
  • - Compact Hookahs: Compact hookahs are a type of hookah pipe designed to be smaller and more portable than traditional hookahs. They typically measure between 8 and 12 inches in height, making them small enough to fit into a bag. This style of hookahs is great for tabletop smoking sessions, gaming and travel. Although they are the smallest option, compact hookahs perform just as well as their larger counterparts and have the same quality and durability in their materials.
  • - American Made Hookahs: American hookahs take the best elements of both traditional and modern hookahs from around the world and use high-quality materials to manufacture them here in the United States.
  • - Multi-Hose Hookahs: A multi-hose hookah is a type of hookah pipe that allows multiple connections for several users. This type of hookah is good for social gatherings and is a great way to enjoy hookah with friends. A multi-hose hookah consists of a main hookah body with a single bowl and multiple hoses. Although there are hoses for several people on this style of hookah, only one person can draw from the hookah at one time. Traditionally, hookah has been a common social activity and passing the hose was part of this. Multi-hose hookahs simply allow each user to have their own hose, eliminating the need to do any passing.

Which hookah style is best for me?

It's essential to make sure your hookah fits you. Whether it's a compact hookah for the smoker on the go or a traditional hookah for the sophisticated smoker, different styles have various qualities that can make it perfect for you. You can shop our wide variety of hookahs and shisha flavors to find the right fit for your needs and preferences.

Is a single or multi-hose hookah better?

The number of hoses your hookah has will not affect the taste or the smoke. As hookahs are mainly smoked in groups, it's convenient to have enough hoses to go around. However, you'll need to decide on your desired experience. You can check our hookah offerings to decide which one is best for you.

Does the height of the hookah matter?

Many people believe that the height of the hookah will impact the smoking session, but the truth is that height doesn't really matter. The only time you will see the height of the hookah impact the session is with especially small models. In this situation, the metal can get hot from the bowl leading to the smoke also becoming slightly hotter than when smoking from larger hookah styles.

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