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Hookah Hose Parts FAQ

From mouth tips to hookah hose adapters, you'll find a variety of hookah hose parts designed to upgrade and enhance your hookah sessions right here at Hookah-Shisha. Whether you're looking to add another hose to your hookah, experience an icy chill with each puff, or just want to add some extra flair to your hose, we've got you covered with parts from world-famous brands such as Amira, BYO, Mya Saray, and more.

Which hose adapter do I need for my hookah? 

Different brands and styles of hookahs will require a different type of hose adapter. For example, a BYO hookah would require the use of a BYO hose adapter. Keep in mind that not all hookahs have the capability for a hose adapter to be added. To find out which adapter you need, check out the detailed description for your hookah or reach out to our friendly customer service team.

Will my hookah hose work with an ice tip or freeze attachment? 

Many ice hose attachments are only compatible with traditional-style hoses that feature a removable plastic mouth tip. If your hookah hose does not have this type of removable mouth tip, then it will most likely not work with an ice tip. To find out if your hose is compatible with an ice tip, check out its product description or contact our friendly service team.

Hookah Hose Parts


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