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What are all of the different accessories for a hookah?

Hookah accessories include diffusers, mouthpieces, shisha tobacco storage containers, smoke ring tools, hookah bowls, hookah hoses, grommets, foil pokers, replacement bases and more! At Hookah-Shisha, we carry all the accessories you need and the most popular brands.

What are the different hookah parts called?

Hookahs consist of many parts, including:

What does a Heba diffuser do?

Heba water diffusers are designed to break up hookah smoke into tiny bubbles to reduce noise during your hookah session. The Heba diffuser comes in small and large, fits most makes and models of hookah pipes, and is easy to set up and use. If you own a narrow-necked base, choose the small option, if you own a larger base model, you'll benefit from using the large-sized option to maximize bubble diffusion. Easy setup instructions are included, so there's no need to worry about the installation; just set it up and get ready for an incredible smoking experience!

What are mouth tips used for?

Mouth tips are the perfect way to enjoy smoking with others. With these mouth tips, there's no need to worry about passing around a dirty mouthpiece since everyone will have their own. Some mouth tips are dual-sided which allows you to use them in both male and female fittings for compatibility with what style of hose you own. They also come in various colors, adding a touch of personality to your smoking setup, so you easily know which one is yours.

What can I use shisha tobacco storage containers for?

At Hookah-Shisha, we have the perfect hookah accessories for you to store your shisha. We offer shisha tobacco storage containers so you can keep shisha fresh. When shisha is exposed to high humidity levels, or dry environments, its flavor can be softened. Shisha storage containers can also be helpful to keep those unique flavor fixes you create available for future bowls.

What is the purpose for using a wind cover?

A hookah wind cover is an underestimated accessory for a hookah set up. Hookah wind covers are used to protect your bowl and coals from gusty environments while smoking. Quick moving air can not only blow ash from your coals around but can also cause your hookah coals to increase their heat output leading to a hotter, harsher bowl. This occurs more commonly when smoking a hookah outside. To the contrary, hookah wind covers can be used to prolong the life of your hookah charcoal. Once your coals start to get low in heat, you can use a wind cover to bring them back up in temperature.

What do I use Monkey Os and Monkey Os Juice for?

Smoke rings and bubbles are a unique and fun part of the hookah smoking experience. But making good smoke bubbles is not as simple as using soap and water. Monkey Os Monkey Juice is one of the best accessories for blowing smoke bubbles, and it's sure to make your next hookah smoking session a memorable one. Use Monkey Os Juice with the Monkey Os Smoke Ring Tool for optimum performance.

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