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Trifecta Shisha Tobacco

Widely considered a favorite shisha brand among hookah beginners and experts alike, Trifecta shisha tobacco's small-batch flavor production has resulted in unique, well-balanced, and great-tasting shisha blends that are impossible to replicate. With two lines of tobacco varieties and a wide selection of delicious hookah flavors in each, Trifecta's ability to consistently deliver long-lasting smoke sessions, great-tasting flavor, and a pleasant head buzz that isn't overwhelming makes it one of our go-to brand recommendations for every hookah smoker.

Where is Trifecta shisha made?  

Trifecta Tobacco is a small-batch hookah tobacco that is crafted in Washington State, USA!

What ingredients are in Trifecta?  

Trifecta Tobacco is carefully crafted using extremely premium-quality Virginia tobacco leaves, honey, molasses, vegetable glycerin, and their proprietary flavor recipes.

What is the difference between Trifecta Blonde and Trifecta Dark?  

Trifecta Blonde uses a lighter "blonde leaf" blend of tobacco leaves that is relatively low in nicotine and delivers bright flavors alongside thick clouds of smoke. Trifecta Dark is a more robust, "dark leaf" blend that contains a higher concentration of nicotine and delivers a stronger head buzz. You can expect every vibrant flavor to be complemented by undertones of tobacco. Check out our blog for more information on the difference between blonde leaf and dark leaf shisha.

How do I pack Trifecta shisha?  

Both Trifecta lines are extremely versatile and perform well using almost any packing method. For the Blonde line, we prefer using a "fluff pack" method where the tobacco is not packed down too dense after sprinkling it up to the inner rim of the bowl. The Dark blend benefits from being gently pushed down in the bowl until it is semi-dense, but not overly so.

Does Trifecta hookah tobacco contain nicotine? 

Yes! Both lines of Trifecta contain nicotine. The blonde line delivers an average of .05 percent nicotine by weight. While the exact percentage is uncertain, the dark blend contains a higher concentration of nicotine than the blonde.

Does Hookah-Shisha have any exclusive Trifecta flavors?  

Yes! We have partnered with Trifecta Tobacco to create our exclusive dark-leaf shisha flavor: Natural Order! This exclusive flavor mix features a blend of grapefruit, melon, mint, and sage.

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