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Ugly Hookah Tobacco

Popular amongst many hookah enthusiasts and cloud chasers, Ugly tobacco has been providing bold flavor and long-lasting sessions to smokers all around the world. From the Virginia tobacco leaves to their flavoring recipes, Ugly prides themselves on their use of premium ingredients at every step of their small-batch manufacturing process and their delicious flavoring formulas have given us fan-favorite, bestselling shisha flavors such as Orange Keef, Ma Wardi, Marcoje, and more. Every batch of Ugly shisha tobacco undergoes both quality and taste inspections that result in reliably delicious flavors that'll have you thinking "Ugly Never Tasted So Good."

Where is Ugly shisha made? 

Ugly Hookah Tobacco is produced in small batches in Chicago, Illinois, in the USA!

What ingredients are in Ugly Hookah tobacco? 

Ugly Hookah proudly advertises that they craft their shisha using extremely high-quality honey alongside Virginia leaf tobacco, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavoring blends.

How do I pack Ugly shisha? 

Sprinkle your chosen flavor(s) evenly around your bowl until it is evenly filled up to the inner edge of the bowl. Ugly is a blonde leaf tobacco so you'll want to make sure the shisha is loosely packed into your bowl to allow for necessary airflow throughout. 

Does Ugly shisha contain nicotine? 

Yes, Ugly shisha tobacco will contain .05 percent nicotine, the average level of nicotine for most shisha. Ugly used to produce their flavors with a higher concentration of nicotine, however, they have since reduced the strength to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their fantastic flavors.

Ugly Hookah


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