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Ugly Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Shisha FAQ

Ugly Hookah is known for its bold flavor thanks to premium Virginia tobacco leaves. Their shisha is made in small batches, and it's perfect for hookah beginners and enthusiasts alike. Enjoy popular recipes and formulas like Orange Keef, Ma Wardi, Marcoje, and more. Every batch of Ugly shisha tobacco undergoes both quality and taste inspections that result in reliably delicious flavors that'll have you thinking "Ugly Never Tasted So Good."

Where is Ugly shisha made?

Ugly tobacco products are produced in small batches in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Since these tobacco products are made in the United States, you can guarantee that they're made of premium high-quality ingredients.

What ingredients are in Ugly hookah tobacco?

The Ugly brand proudly advertises that they craft their shisha using extremely high-quality honey alongside a Virginia leaf cut of tobacco, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavoring blends. The brand only uses the best extracts gathered from all over the globe.

What makes Ugly tobacco different from other shisha brands?

If you're looking for full flavor and tasty quality for your next cloud party, this shisha brand will have your taste buds dancing after every exhale. Enjoy longer sessions, premium-quality ingredients, and unique flavors in your hookah bowl. The brand uses top-rated honey and molasses to create the best shisha for smooth, long-lasting sessions. More importantly, they tested their molasses tobacco blends for approximately two years prior to officially entering the hookah market. This testing allowed the brand to make any necessary adjustments and ensure their products would satisfy smokers' taste buds.

How do I pack Ugly tobacco?

Sprinkle your chosen flavor of shisha evenly around your bowl until it's evenly filled up to just below the edge of the bowl. Ugly is a blonde leaf tobacco, so you'll want to make sure the shisha is loosely packed into your bowl to allow for necessary airflow throughout. The "fluff pack" method is the best way to ensure it's heated through properly.

Do Ugly hookah products contain nicotine?

Yes, Ugly's tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine, the average level of nicotine for most shisha. Ugly used to produce their flavors with a higher concentration of nicotine, however, they have since reduced its strength to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their fantastic flavors. The nicotine content in each package is friendly enough for beginners but strong enough for experienced smokers.

What are the best hookah flavors from Ugly?

Some of the most well-known products from Ugly Hookah include Grapefruit Mint, Secret Agent, Purple Breeze, Roller Coaster, and Blue Magic. With Ugly products, you get superior freshness with every smooth, fruity, and tangy inhale. Shop for some of the best options on our site.

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