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Urthtree Herbal Shisha

Did you know that you can smoke hookah without using tobacco? UrthTree's herbal shisha mix was created by the masters behind CocoUrth hookah charcoal. As one of the highest-quality hookah coals on the market, CocoUrth decided to create alternative products for hookah smokers. UrthTree isn't your normal herbal shisha. The UrthTree shisha base is made of real fruit instead of tobacco leaves but it still allows you to smoke juicy, thick clouds of smoke. Get your hookah fix and enjoy superior tastes with these herbal flavors!

Is UrthTree herbal shisha tobacco-free?

Yes. UrthTree allows you to enjoy your favorite shisha flavors made from natural fruit. After years of testing, CocoUrth finally perfected the formula to provide you with long-lasting sessions using fruit-based herbal blends. Enjoy the most aromatic flavoring without nicotine thanks to this tobacco-free shisha.

What ingredients are found in UrthTree products?

It's made using similar natural ingredients to shisha tobacco, just without the tobacco leaves. UrthTree products use all-natural, GMP+ kosher-certified dried real apples as a base, food-grade fruit molasses, 100 percent natural vegetable glycerin, and FDA-certified flavorings.

How do I pack UrthTree herbal-flavored shisha?

UrthTree flavors can be packed the same way as most other hookah tobacco brands! Loosely sprinkle the molasses soaked fruit pieces into your hookah bowl, filling it up to just below the inner bowl lip. Make sure your shisha is not packed down too densely. This will help prevent airflow issues and contribute to a better-performing smoke session. Because the brand uses fruit as the main material for the base, we recommend starting off with fewer pieces of hookah charcoal than normal to avoid overheating. Adjust as necessary.

Does UrthTree herbal shisha contain nicotine?

Nope! Urthtree is 100% nicotine-free. Rich flavors and thick clouds can be had with every bowl. It serves as a great alternative if you're looking to lower your nicotine consumption.

Does nicotine-free hookah still give you a head buzz?

Nope! Tobacco leaves are known for naturally-occurring nicotine. But because the base for UrthTree products is apples, then you will not be getting any nicotine in your system. This is nicotine-free hookah shisha that you can enjoy without a head buzz.

Which are the best UrthTree herbal flavors?

The best-selling flavors from UrthTree herbal products include Peech, Twisted Mnt, Guava, and Heaven's Berri. These herbal flavors are packed full of flavor. Keep the juice inside your bowl by using a phunnel style bowl for a longer smoking experience, and try different combinations for the best results. Shop for UrthTree products on our site and check out all of the brand's delicious herbal flavors before your next smoke session.

Urthtree Herbal


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