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Citrus Flavored Shisha FAQ

The flavor and aroma of your shisha have a significant impact on your hookah sessions. You can maximize your enjoyment by choosing flavors you love, such as citrus. Citrus trees produce some of the most popular fruits in the world, including oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits. From cocktails to desserts to drinks to shisha, citrus is one of the most popular flavors on the planet, and citrus fans have plenty of options to consider for a citrus-flavored shisha session.

What does citrus taste like?

There are several citrus shisha flavors you can use for your shisha sessions. Popular flavors include grapefruit, lemon, orange, and lime. Citrus fruits with higher sugar content have a sweeter taste, while those that are more acidic taste sour. Some citrus fruits, like oranges, embody both the sweet and sour taste associated with citrus fruits.

Which brands make citrus shisha?

The most popular shisha brands deliver shisha with a citrus flavor. Depending on the specific citrus taste you crave, you can choose citrus shisha products from Al Fakher, Azure, Tangiers, MYA, Fantasia, Al Waha, Pure Tangerine, Starbuzz, Haze, Ugly Hookah, Trifecta, and Social Smoke.

How can I shop for citrus shisha flavors?

Our website provides several filters to help you find the best citrus shisha for you. You can filter your citrus listings by leaf type by selecting blonde leaf, dark leaf, or traditional molasses. It's also an option to shop by size, allowing you to focus on larger and smaller packages when you place an order. You can also use our filters to shop by price, brand, or flavor.

Can I get citrus shisha with blonde leaf?

Yes! Azure Tobacco specializes in blonde-leaf tobacco. Blonde leaf is a popular option for new shisha smokers because it has less nicotine than dark leaf. During the production process, manufacturers soak blonde leaf in water to remove nicotine and weaken the tobacco flavor. Consequently, new smokers find it easier to enjoy their shisha sessions. It also appeals to those who want to limit their nicotine exposure.

Can I buy shisha that combines citrus flavors with other flavors?

Yes! Some shisha companies supply citrus blends. Citrus flavors taste great combined with several popular fruits, such as blueberry and cherry.

Those looking for a citrus-raspberry combination can consider Azure Tobacco's Cosmos Shisha Tobacco. This citrus-fruit mix features a grapefruit flavor with hints of raspberry, while Fantasia's Joker Shisha supplements the grapefruit profile with grape.

MYA's NU Citrus Dream complements the lemon citrus flavor with cooling mint. Starbuzz Crow Shisha is another lemon mint blend. You can enhance your lemon mint shisha by combining it with blueberry or raspberry.

Al Waha Magic Touch emphasizes the blueberry flavor and supplements it with lime. Their Summer Air Shisha Tobacco blends lemon with passion fruit.

Haze Majestic Bru is an orange-flavor shisha. It supplements the creamy orange profile with a touch of rose.

Azure's Moscow Never Sleeps blend is a lime-flavored shisha. This flavor adds mint and sweet berry to the lime for a unique flavor profile.

Many shisha producers combine citrus flavors to create unique products. Azure Tobacco's Citrusmania features a mix of grapefruit, lime, lemon, and orange flavors.

Can I combine my citrus shisha with other flavors?

Yes! Citrus shisha flavors taste great with fruit flavors or cooling mint. Depending on the type of citrus flavors you have, you may opt to combine them with raspberry, blueberry, grape, or passion fruit.

Limes taste great with strawberry, cherry, apple, blueberry, or papaya. Lemon shisha pairs well with cherry, tropical fruit, mint, peach, and nectarine. You can combine orange flavor with strawberry, raspberry, or apple. Grapefruit also tastes excellent with strawberry. Other combination options for grapefruit flavor include raspberry and tropical fruit.

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