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Azure Shisha Tobacco

Azure Shisha FAQ

Azure shisha tobacco is a favorite within the hookah community. Their premium hookah tobacco helps create thick clouds, robust flavors, and long-lasting smoke sessions. And, the brand offers over 50 shisha flavors that appeal to beginners and veterans alike. Azure creates each product in small batches to ensure top-notch quality. Whether you're looking for a sweet blonde tobacco or a dark leaf blend, you'll surely enjoy their expansive menu of delicious shisha!

Where is Azure shisha made?

The Azure hookah tobacco team is located in California. This brand is made in the United States, and they manufacture their hookah products in small batches using quality ingredients.

What ingredients are in Azure shisha tobacco?

Azure tobacco consists of the finest tobacco leaves, molasses, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavorings.

What is the difference between the Azure Gold Line and Black Line?

The Gold line uses blonde leaf tobacco while the Black line uses dark leaf tobacco. You'll find that the Gold line offers medium intensity with a lower nicotine content, meaning less “buzz”, while the Black line offers stronger tobacco undertones. To learn more about the difference between blonde and dark tobacco, check out our blog here.

What is blonde leaf tobacco?

Unlike dark leaf varieties, blonde tobacco leaves contain a lower percentage of nicotine but still retain vibrant flavors. The leaves are washed and rinsed to reduce the amount of natural nicotine. This light leaf option is usually flavored with honey and has a lighter, golden hue. Blonde leaf tobacco is for all smokers for its ease of use for mixing, and lower nicotine and reaction to heat.

What is dark leaf tobacco?

Dark leaf shisha is made using dark tobacco leaves that range from dark brown to black in color. These leaves contain a much higher amount of nicotine and deliver a stronger tobacco flavor. Using dark tobacco results in a more powerful nicotine head buzz when smoking. Dark leaf tobacco is typically used by more experienced hookah enthusiasts but can be enjoyed by all!

How do I pack Azure hookah tobacco?

Like other blonde leaf tobaccos, the Gold line is best packed loosely in your hookah bowl. Using your fingers or a shisha fork, fill your bowl just slightly under the rim. The Black line performs best with a denser pack. All you have to do is firmly push down on the tobacco as you're filling your bowl to achieve the desired density. You can check out some of our hookah bowl packing tips here.

How do I store Azure shisha?

Azure's flavors arrive in their own resealable pouch so you won't need any special containers to keep your tobacco fresh. Just make sure the pouch is fully sealed. Keep the resealable pouch at room temperature, or slightly cooler, and dry in a kitchen cabinet, drawer, or closet to make sure you'll always enjoy the perfect smoke.

What are the best-selling Azure hookah tobacco flavors?

Hookah smokers love a variety of products from this brand. Some of the best hookah flavors include Napa Grape, Alaskan Ice, Winter Rose, and Lemon Muffin from the Gold line. Some of the best-sellers from the Black line include Mango Cheesecake, Cosmos, and Strawberry Passion. You're sure to enjoy any of these in your hookah!

Does Hookah-Shisha have any exclusive Azure flavors?

Yes! We have partnered with Azure shisha to create our exclusive shisha flavor: Cool Cucumber! This flavor offers a blend of crisp, refreshing cucumber combined with a cooling mint and is available in both the Gold Line and Black Line.

How do I start smoking hookah?

You're in luck! To get started, all you need is to get yourself a hookah pipe. Then, you can check out some of the tobacco on this page and get the best hookah coals based on your preference. Make sure to pack your hookah tobacco using our top tips, and heat your coals properly to get the perfect smoke. Inhale smaller puffs until you get the hang of it and enjoy the deliciousness of top-quality hookah tobacco from Azure.



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