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Ugly Hookah Marcoje Shisha Tobacco

Ugly Hookah's Marcoje flavor is a mix of sweet fruits and berries with rich guava undertones, resulting in a deliciously complex flavor. This is a must-try tobacco product for any guava or tropical fruit fans! The golden leaf tobacco blend produces large clouds of hookah smoke and a steady buzz.

Al Fakher Coconut Shisha Tobacco

The coconut shisha flavor from Al Fakher makes a great base for your tropical hookah blend. Combine it with your favorite flavors like mango, passionfruit, and pineapple for an afternoon cocktail, or have it alone as a delicious treat with a smooth, rich flavor.

Al Fakher Guava Shisha Tobacco

Guava is one of the most popular tropical flavors among hookah lovers, and this tobacco product from Al Fakher highlights the delicious tropical fruit along with some subtle floral notes. Use mint or blueberry to level up the fruity flavors!

Tangiers Tropical Revenge Shisha Tobacco

When it comes to tropical-flavored shisha tobacco, there's no better place to start your collection than with Tangiers Tropical Revenge. From the essence of the tart grapefruit to the tropical Hawaiian fruits, you're sure to experience a strong buzz and a robust flavor profile in your hookah smoke.

Azure Tropical Paradise Shisha Tobacco

Thanks to a perfect blend of pineapple and coconut, Azure's Tropical Paradise tastes like your favorite refreshing summer smoothie. There are some notes of orange citrus in this blend to top off your summer hookah session. Don't forget to enjoy it poolside!

Trifecta Pineapple Guava Shisha Tobacco

Trifecta's Pineapple Guava is a tobacco product that's reminiscent of laying out on the beach with your favorite drink in hand. Inhale the sweet and flavorful guava notes, then gradually taste the tartness as you exhale large clouds of hookah smoke.

Starbuzz Blue Surfer Shisha Tobacco

The Blue Surfer is one of Starbuzz's best hookah flavors. This shisha brand has managed to create a tobacco product that tastes exactly like blue shark gummies. The blue raspberry flavor from this batch is pure bliss!

Azure Orange My Guava Shisha Tobacco

Sweet and sour come together with this hookah tobacco flavor of orange and guava. You can add this blend to any of your current favorites like mango or coconut to add an extra layer of fruity goodness to your hookah bowl. Azure's tobacco products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure top-quality smoke sessions every single time.

Azure Strawberry Passion Shisha Tobacco

Sometimes, strawberry is a tobacco flavor that's hard to get right. But Azure does it well, and you can tell just by its strong aroma. With a sweet, smooth taste, it's almost like biting into a freshly picked strawberry! We suggest adding passionfruit or lime to this blend for hookah smoke that tastes like a strawberry margarita.

Azure Sweet Summer Sun Shisha Tobacco

Some of the best hookah flavors combine contrasting profiles like cream and citrus. Sweet Summer Sun is the perfect example. This tobacco product blends milky sweetness with tropical and fruity flavors for a unique mixture that hookah enthusiasts love.

When it comes to fruity tobacco flavors, tropical-inspired products are unmatched. With puffs of smoke tasting like classic beach cocktails, your smoke sessions are sure to feel like a vacation with every inhale. Transport yourself to your favorite summer destination with the help of unique flavors from top-rated brands like Azure, Starbuzz, and Tangiers. At Hookah-Shisha, you'll find only the best tobacco products that are deliciously sweet, fruity, and fresh.

From a Cancun sunrise to a kiwi and lemon blend, there's an endless number of options to choose from on our website. Expect long-lasting, robust flavors like watermelon, lychee, and even papaya. You'll find a wide variety of flavors for your hookah that you can enjoy all summer long.





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