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Hookah Preparation - Goin' Old School!

Howdy Hookah Friends!  This unusual way to smoke a hookah was sent to us from Adam Q, Owner of Redline Hookah Lounge. Thanks Adam! Recently I had a friend tell me that she never used a screen or foils when smoking shisha--she was putting the coals directly on the tobacco. My instant reaction was "Are you crazy? Sounds like barf city!" However I was assured there was a right and wrong way to do it. So after a leap of faith, I found myself smoking with my coals directly on the shisha and heartily enjoying it. This method gives you tons of flavor with beefier smoke for those who enjoy smoking tobacco. Here is how it works: Step 1: Load your bowl with extra shisha.  This works best with wet shisha, such as Romman Shisha Tobacco.  It should make a small dome in the middle of the bowl. Step 2: Place your charcoal directly on the top of the pile. Step 3: This step is absolutely crucial, DO NOT SMOKE IT for 10-15 Minutes. This time is left for the coals to cook the top layer of shisha. This is where that extra shisha comes in handy. The top layer is cooked into a charred “screen” of shisha - no metal screens or foils needed. (Note: this will produce more smoke coming from the bowl, so be sure to do this  in a well ventilated area or outdoors.) Step 4: Puff at will. This method is not for everyone. I don't expect everyone to renounce their foils and go "Old School," but it is a much better experience that I had imagined and it will really shock your friends when they see you roasting a fresh bowl, Old School style!

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  • The foil-less method is really tough to master and results in a smokier session that can put off someone who is really in it for the flavor.  Even experienced individuals can find themselves fiddling with the coals constantly to get even a decent smoke.  Learning how to do this method made learning how to use a phunnel bowl easy.
  • Carl how in the world did you figure out how to use it with a phunnel bowl?
    And won't it ash all over the shisha?
  • lol, very interesting suggestion. I've heard about this before but literally never believed it was possible up until this point. I still think I'm too scared to try it
  • Ari
    I dont think he is talking about using this method on a phunnel, i thin he is talking about the learning curve of this method vs. that of a phunnel
    i think this method is for egyptian/mod only
  • yeah, I wasn't talking about using the foil-less method on a phunnel bowl, cause that just simply would not work (maybe a vortex?).  anyway, if you are a cigarette or pipe tobacco smoker, you might like this method.
  • I'm sure the ash won't matter... If anything it will affect flavor, but most likely not... remember that anything that goes down the stem is filtered by the water so have no fear of having a ash-filled puff Smile
  • Yeah, TatumVay, but sometimes you still get ash in the hoses even with a hookah foil.
    Though, this one be a one coal deal, right? Your session would only be as long as the coal lasted.
  • Mitch, if you are getting particles in the hose that is not as and is more likely rust in a traditinal hose or build up in a washable.  Ash could never make it through the water and up into the hose.

    This style of smoking was really only used for tombak and not so much for moassel or tobamel like the more modern tobaccos.  All in all smoking like this is kind of silly and is based on misinformation about what the  "old school" methods were.
  • Think I will stick with smoking hookah with a foil.