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Al Fakher Taste Test: Golden Orange Vs Original Orange

Al Fakher is one of the oldest, and most respected, shisha tobacco brands in the world. One of the most common questions we get from customers is about the Al Fakher Golden line. People want to know how it's different than normal Al Fakher, and also if it's worth the extra money. We have always told people that it is worth it, but just to demonstrate we did a blind taste test of Al Fakher's original orange flavor versus the new Al Fakher Golden orange flavor. Watch the video to see what our employees thought and then follow the link below to check out the full selection of Al Fakher Golden flavors.

See All Of The Al Fakher Golden Flavors Here

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  • This is the first video from hookah-shisha I've seen - loved it!  Al Fakher is my go-to brand for shisha; I am getting some Golden to taste for myself after seeing this!
  • Golden Orange VS Original Orange Review.

    Golden Orange gives a GREAT orange flavor to it. It is amazing and smokes really nice. IT's not a harsh orange either. To me the orange was a bit much by itself. The Golden Orange is much more earthier and a lot of citrus flavor. Its really nice. That's mine and my fiances opinion Laughing

    We love the golden orange <3