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Introducing The Kaloud Lotus 2

Introducing The Kaloud Lotus 2

The day has come ladies and gentlemen. Kaloud Inc. has taken the next step in their heat management journey as they present the Kaloud Lotus 2.

The original Kaloud Lotus arrived at the tail end of 2012 and set off an EXPLOSION of flavor in our sessions. The initial $60 price tag caused some hesitation to those that had already been enjoying their foil sessions. After time went on and more smokers talked about it, people became curious and decided to give it a try. The rest was history.

I am a Kaloud a fanboy, honesty first. You're hopefully about ready for some information on the latest creation from the Kaloud team.

What Does A Lotus Do?

Kaloud lotus 2 compare

The Kaloud Lotuses(s?) are a part of the heat management family. They manage the heat in your session easily with adjustable ventilation blades and air channels.

These devices are also designed to help eliminate the taste of charcoal within your session for a clean and crisp taste. There is a night-and-day difference of flavor between a session with a HMD versus a foil hookah session.

I thoroughly enjoy both, but prefer to use a Lotus because it's easy (set & forget) and tastier.

The Kaloud Lotus 2 is built with the use of aluminum and CNC machines. The original Lotus contains multiple connection points but the Lotus 2 is crafted from two single pieces. No screws.

OK, What Does The Kaloud Lotus 2 Do?

Kaloud Lotus 2

Now, let's get to why you're really reading this blog. What does the Kaloud Lotus 2 do?

Are you ready? It accomplishes the same thing as the original Kaloud Lotus.

It manages your heat very easily and reduces the taste of charcoal within your session. BUT HOLY MOLY. The Kaloud Lotus 2 achieves this in a way that the original could not thanks to a completely redesigned interior and a new domed (Epcot) lid.

This new interior places the air channels within the side walls at a higher location to prevent any loose ash or particles from entering your pipe. The deep cutouts of the aluminum body allow for more airflow underneath your hookah charcoal to prevent black outs.

This raised interior upgrade was recently applied to the original Lotus, but the new Lotus performs much better in that category and it aids against pulling any of the falling ash into your session because of the relocated air channels.

How Do You Adjust The Heat?

Kaloud Lotus 2 Key


You've got to find the KEY! Once you open your fancy new box, you'll notice an aluminum key with a thick silicone handle embossed with a Kaloud logo.

Kaloud Lotus 2 Top

Fact: The top of the dome piece contains 16 medium diamond-shaped cutouts, which is something I wouldn't recommend doing with your foil session.

With your key in hand and the single notch facing upwards, slide it into any of the open triangles at the base of the dome until you feel/hear it lock. This is where you'll have two options: lift the dome off and reposition it to expose or cover the air shields, or alternatively use the key to rotate the dome and expose or cover the air shields.

In my experience with this device (16 sessions before typing this blog and a generous amount of R&D), I prefer to rotate the lid using the key in the flat triangles surrounding the edge of this outer rim.

How's The Heat?

Kaloud Bowl

If you've made it this far in the blog, then you've seen enough pictures to realize that this piece has a lot more air flowing into this device when compared to the Lotus. Does this mean you'll need to compensate with more charcoal.

NO. Absolutely not.

Perfecting A Hookah Bowl

The redesign of the original expanded the interior to allow for larger cube size pieces to fit in easily. I typically use 3 cubes and the Lotus 2 allows me to continue to do so and maybe a fourth if it's feeling skinny but I have not needed it.

In my first two session, I prepared 3 cubes and I take the 3rd one off after 10-15 minutes, and it's smooth sailing from there my friend. I started to realize as sessions went on that I wasn't using my third coal....at all.

Now, I begin my session with 2 cube Cocobrico or CocoUrth pieces with the dome on and I wait about 5 minutes before taking the first pull and I kid you not, this thing WORKS.

We have some high heats fans in the building and occasionally I find myself wanting to turn the heat up in my session. As I previously stated, you can use 3 coals but forewarning you that it will get toasty if you leave them in there for the whole session.

This device actually had me thinking about switching back to flats, but right now only having to place 2 pieces of cube charcoal on the burner is mind blowing enough.

Perfecting A Hookah Bowl

The underside of the dome features a deep circle trench that fits snugly onto the outer rim of the base plate and it keeps the heated air above the downward facing air channels. This aluminum base plate also features a raised fin design that evenly touches your shisha and adds a bit of direction for incoming air traffic.

TLDR: Even though there is a lot space for air, light 2-3 pieces of cube, 3 flat coals, or 2 pieces of Kaloud Aura coals.

Do I Have To Change Out My Bowls?

The million dollar question.

YES & NO. You can keep using whichever bowl you've been using with the Lotus on the Lotus 2.

Perfecting A Hookah Bowl

The size of this HMD keeps it compatible with the market, but the dome design will have me only make this recommendation for bowls that have a LIP. The same can be said for the original because of safety reasons, but the minimal design and built-in handle do a better job at keeping it from incidental damage.

I placed the Lotus 2 on my favorite Rook bowl and while it fit rim to rim, I felt I needed to pass on the combination and go with my Lerook (lipped version) just in case I went to adjust it on bowl with no lip and it happened to slide. Then final destination and a Michael Bay explosion, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I've been bouncing between the Kaloud Vitria and very thick stoneware bowls for my sessions with great result.

One More Question: The Flavor?

Ah yes the flavor; is it good, better than the Lotus, or equal?

Perfecting A Hookah Bowl

Kaloud had a goal of improving the reduction of charcoal taste and extending your session with the Lotus 2. They achieved just that and maybe a bit more.

I say a bit more in reference to their future plans because this new design will, of course, open up new ideas within the market and at the noggins at Kaloud.

I've been smoking primarily Apple Doppio since September with a little touch of Cherry or Lemon Mint with every bowl. I must have had this same bowl flavor combo *looks at calendar and calculator* 60-80 times across foil and multiple HMDs.

I actually stopped telling people what's in my bowl at work because it's starting to feel like ground hog day, but I'm really in love with that mix.

Sorry, getting off-track. Some of the sessions that you've been reading about have been with that flavor combo.

I honestly I thought I had tasted every variation possible outside of the mixing percentage i.e: burnt, underpacked, overpacked, not enough heat, the bottom of the can soupy pack. I know this flavor combination like the back of my hand and if I try hard enough I could probably taste it if inhaled hard enough. Is that how it works?

Perfecting A Hookah Bowl

The sessions that I've had so far allow me to reach into the furthest depths of my smoke cloud and grab those little pinches of cherry and lemon. It's not like I've never tasted them before in this combo otherwise I wouldn't keep smoking it, but the crispness and flavor strength were noticeably prevalent.

It adds a subtle amount of restriction in the inhale but the rewarding amount of smoke output that comes with ease is worth it.

Do Not Throw Your Old Lotus Away?

Perfecting A Hookah Bowl

Yes, you're looking at a new and improved device but this doesn't make the original ineffective. You won't get pushed into a software crippling update if you don't pick this up.

The remix Kaloud Lotus Plus will continue it's run but if you're looking to take your Lotus game to the next level, I know a place. They can help you out. They're good people, trust me.

Would You Like To Win One? -ENDED

HOLY MOLY! Eveyone you killed it on the comments, almost 500!

My apologies for this late update, I actually dozed off reading through the comments last night after a long grab bag filled day. I'm reading through the rest of your amazing comments right now and since we had such a strong turn out I'll be picking 2 people for a Lotus 2, and a runner up Lotus 1+. Winners will have a reply posted to their comment at 11 a.m. cst tomorrow, Friday(11/30). So refresh then and scroll to the bottom and see if you have a reply, there's also a feature to notified about replies to your comments.

I hope I answered most of your burning Kaloud Lotus 2 questions and if I didn't please drop me one in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this long one.



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  • Like the look of the new lotus and this answer alot of questions that i was think about with it.
    • Looks pretty great! Thanks for the good read. I'd love to try it out sometime on my setup.  Don't own a lotus, but have tried it and loved it.
    • I would break in the new lotus with a mix of trifecta Indian kheer, lime, durty mint, and Ventura peach. I would use my grand onyx bowl for the inaugural session
    • So keen on one. I've been using the original lotus and the original samari vitria bowl but this is next level awesome!
    • I love my lotus.... I would especially love to try the lotus 2
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  • I've had the Lotus 1, and I supposed it's the 1.5, so this updated model is an exciting piece of work to be tested. Thank you.
  • Here goes a comment! Please pick it so I can use this awesome thing!
  • To break in the new Lotus 2, I would use my favourite flavour combo: peach mint and watermelon
  • Looking forward for review by you guys (video) and others as well!
    Sign me up for the free Kaloud
  • I would def start off with a mix of al fakher orange mint, lemon mint and a little blueberry mint added together.
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  • Man I love my Kaloud Lotus, and can't wait to try the new version
  • KFC moonshine mint, Old country lime, grapefruit mash and a touch of Azure strawberry guava
  • Kaloud lotus😍 always better then wrapping with foil paper
  • Sounds like this maybe little better then the original lotus. When are these coming out?
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    I would love to get one .
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    No but seriously I need this and let me know as soon as I win so I can order the coals also.! Thanks Smile
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    Thank you
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    • Oh... and probably some FML green mixed with al fahker watermelon mint/tangiers sour watermelon. Yum.
  • Shaunn!!! It was awesome meeting you at HEW. We need to play Overwatch sometime! Plus...i need to win this Lotus!!!!
  • Thank you for the write up and the multiple photo angles! Is it any easier to clean than the original lotus?

    If I’m lucky I’ll be able to try it out!
  • Rob
    About to jump back into smoking hookah after a few years. Excited to see all the new technology and possibly get my hands on this!
  • Honestly the design looks strange but reading you talk about the amount of ash being pulled into the bowl with this design... Well that was enough to make me want to replace my Kaloud Plus. Would use this til the end if i got it. Still haven't put down the previous ones cus its just easier than foil. XD
  • I would love to try to new lotus with Winter Fresh from Starbuzz or even a blueberry mint from al fakher.
  • Very interesting design and im curious how well this will perform myself and if it will be easier to clean than the nub bottom on the old lotus.
  • Nice write up! And that thing looks sweet. I owned every model since release, so its a must have for me and having it for free would be fantastic!
    • Forgot about flavor part. Probably trifecta chocolate with fumari chocolate chill, starbuzz dark coffee and bit of tangiers cane mint. That combo never lets me down. Especially on the cold winter days.
      Or tangiers orange soda with azure winter rose.
      • Why hello there! Today is your lucky day, please shoot me an email at [email protected] Preferably from the email used to drop this comment.
  • Tangiers Kashmir peach Smile. Would love to try this with that flavor.
  • Couldn't be anything other than Tangiers Cane Mint! Always a favorite of ours.
  • Been using the original Kalous Lotus heat management for about a year now and I wouldn’t ever again use the traditional foil and hole method. Looking forward to the Lotus II! Cheers!
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  • Azure cinnamon cookies with a tiny bit of lemon muffin YUM
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  • Ger
    I want one!!!!
  • The new improved lotus looks incredible but is it harder to clean?
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    Thank you
  • I’d like to try it with Social Smoke Orange and a small mix of social smoke Absolute Zero
  • Wow looks so cool ! Thanks  for the post !
  • I've used similar ones but once I went with the  Kaloud, I have not gone back. Best products in my opinion and I have been smoking hookah for over 13 years. I would love the opportunity to test the new one out.
  • Well to begin great site it’s my go to for hookah stuff...and lov the great deal keep up the good work
  • Did my last comment go through?

    Well TLDR of the last comment:

    Ash intake into pipe line in your blog intrigued me enough to make me want this version ASAP. Been suffering to this a lot lately. Winning this would be amazing.
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  • Most definitely Twice The Ice x Blueberry. You'd think it would be overpowering, but so relaxing.

    Azure Pina Colada + Lemon Mint most definitely on the list as well.

    What a great article! Looking forward to picking on up eventually!
  • I'd break in the Kaloud Lotus 2 with an old school mix, Nakhla Cola and Lemon...nothing fancy, but then again the Lotus 2 is fancy enough...
  • I am excited about this new look and no matter what I'll have one!
  • I have used all of the lotus since they started and I have always loved home they work and with how much ease it is to use it and the new lotus 2 looks like it will be a winner also can't wait to try one but I'll wait until you do the give away and if not picked I'll purchase one and add to my lotus collection.
  • I would probably set up my tangiers birquq strawberry, old school watermelon, and a sprinkle of grapefruit on top.
  • This sounds like a great upgrade for my hookah experience. It would be amazing to have one of these and get to try it out.
  • I don't have a lotus at this time, but love using one when i have access to one. My son lets me use his sometimes. This new version has me wanting one of my own.
  • I would have to use some blue mist!
  • Hookah shisha is by far the best store for your hookah needs. Very satisfied
  • mango with a hint of blueberry
  • Niceeeeeee! Definitely cannot wait to buy this new KL2. I have the previous HM, but this one here takes the cake. Good work no doubt a game changer.
  • Hey I’m still a beginner hookah smoker but this Kaloud looks as dreamy as a calowd and as kaloudascopic as my wildest dreams! I just ordered a brand new Khalil-mamoon hooka and this would go perfectly with it! I hope I’m callowed to win this so I can take my smoking to the next level!
  • So dope! Looks awesome too I'll probably wait until next year to get one tho. I bought an OG and the updated version not too long ago. Plus mine still works great!
  • Beautiful aesthetics! I wouldn’t mind leaving my hookah out in the living room. It would actually be the centerpiece, with the Kaloud Lotus 2, on my coffee table!
  • I love al faquer cherry and lemon blended together so I would probably start with what my wife likes lol a mango pineapple mix or we could compromise and get a fantasia to break in our lotus 2. I am excited to try it whether we win one or not but the airflow looks amazing and the redesign makes it look like a lotus flower both on the cover and the base and I think it's amazing! Thanks for all the great hookah tools!
  • Twice the ice extreme & orange Keef 🙌
  • If I won ;) i’d Smoke it with the all time best flavor blueberry mint that I have smoked out of my Kaloud for the last 4 years!
  • A combination of Social Smoke Absolute Zero and Alchemist's Coconut would be perfect to break this in on my Lavoo. Just in time for all the minty and refreshing flavors of the holidays!
  • This sounds awsome. Can't wait to upgrade.
  • I would say I would have to go AF double apple. Using a monarch hookah bowl. 2 Titanium cubes. Km hookah from Palestine. Maybe a asli hose or HJ Turk hose.
  • Al-faker Grapefruit Mint for the win!
  • I love the original, excited for the chance to try this one.
  • I’m just trying to get thick clouds and make that woosh sound you do at the end, maybe this will help me achieve that. Hope I win!
  • I would smoke Tangier’s cane mint and opuntia pear! Such a tasty mix!
  • I think something classy but with a little bit of a attitude like cane mint and melon would be amazing.
  • First off I feel in love with the lotus, can’t wait till the second lotus hits the market! The flavor id use to break this bad boy in would be alchemist nectar of the god!
  • Wish Santa would send me a new lotus...  
  • Would love to try one if these
  • Curious to see how the additional airflow would effect the logevity of coals on the bowl?
  • AL FAKHAMAH Peach 25%
    AL FAKHAMAH Pineapple 25%
    AL FAKHAMAH Passion Fruit 50%
    Don Bowl
    VZ Hookah
  • Nice write up, would love to try this with some of the Starbuzz flavors.
  • I think I would have to break my new lotus in with a trifecta natural order and haze chiatastic combo Smile
  • I loved my Kaloud Lotus. Paired with my alien phunnel  bowl was a perfect match.
  • I’d go with Alchemist KFC Moonshine Mint. Goes great with my OG Lotus, I’d love to try it with the new one.
  • I would do nirvana icy milk and cinnamon milk.... new lotus 2 looks sick !!
  • AF double apple mint OR gum/mint with a sprinkle of safari melon Smile
  • Due to limitations where I was living because of a family members' needs,
    for the past few years I was unable to enjoy my hookah. I am just returning to the pleasure, this heat dispersion system is very enticing.
  • I would go with Fumari Spiced Chai with Double Apple
  • I would have to do my all time favorite flavors cherry and mint with a little lemon
  • Great giveaway, I'd use a peach-mango-mint combo to break it in. ✔
  • I would use some fruity mint, maybe AF Apple or Blueberry mixed with plain mint.
  • Recently I've been loving me some Haze Carnival Nights mixed with some Ugly Purple Breeze. The combo of cardamon with grape has been NIIICCCEEEE! Dare I call it Night Breeze? Or perhaps Purple Nights? ;) I'd love to break this mix out on the most recent bad boy from our favorite folks from Kaloud, Inc.!
  • i really love you blog post.. so informing! def going to try one of these to boost up my vanilla orange combo -thanks for smoking!
  • Haze What A Mint and Trifecta Spiced Java
  • Ive been in llve with azure unicorn. I'll hopefully have my homemade hookah done by the to smoke out of ^_^
  • Haze What A Mint and Trifecta Spiced Java
  • I’ve used a Lotus for almost 4 years now, and have smoked hookah daily for almost 7 years. I love the lotus and Tangiers combo! I’d have to say Static Starlight from tangiers for the first session with the Lotus II, for that sweet and subtle rose/citrus combo!
  • I would definitely smoke my fall favorite, which is a third Tangier’s pumpkin, third Al Fakher Apple and a third Al Fakher Cinnamon. Love my Kaloud Lotus I have 2.
  • Haze What A Mint and Trifecta Spiced Java
  • It would definitively be my all time flavor, Nakhla double Apple with just a dash of natural orange flavor oil mixed in..sooo tasty
  • I’d love to smoke some cane mint in this!
  • A/F Peach and Kiwi, with a touch of mint. mmm good stuff right there.
  • Been waiting for this to come out for a while
  • KM hookah, deezer freeze hose, vitria bowl, Hydro khali drizzle herbal shisha
  • First session would be a fumari Lemon mint and star buzz bold white mint combo
  • I love my lotus plus system. I usually will smoke pretty much any black leaf tobacco (trifecta, zomo, etc.) In my Kaloud bowl. Usually perfect heat every time with great and full flavor. Really want to see how this new lotus performs!
  • If I won I'd break it in with a banana milk and chai mix. Haven't tried it yet but it sounds like it could be great. Good luck to all and happy holidays
  • Keep it simple, lemon mint.
  • I'd use something minty like the Alchemist Stone Mint (which is amazing).
  • Looks pretty cool. I have had the original one since it first came out. Maybe it’s time to upgrade.
  • Kiwi - Vanilla
    Is better than it sounds.
    Was a go to mix of mine for years but haven’t had it in a while.
  • Would love to try it... I would try strawberry cream with mint
  • I was one of the first adopters of the original lotus and am probably responsible for it selling around the world since I rave about it to every hookah store owner during my travels. I have three of my own now and if this new one is even 1% better, I can’t wait!
  • The lotus is the best thing that ever happened to smoking shisha! Love these and this one looks AMAZING!
  • Cola and Margarita for sure!
  • I will use it with Alchemist Professor gumbledore in the kaloud vitria bowl
  • Having lotus in my hookah bar is what changed my whole business. I’m so excited to see what this new upgrade will bring. The elegant style of the lotus 2 will match any beautiful hookah you pair with it.
  • I would LOVE to try this new lotus 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Smoke LEMON MUFFIN 🍋💗 or blue raspberry (social)/ pink lemonade (social)/sergeant huckleberry (ugly)
  • I don't really use my old lotus anymore. I have a Sky Bowl and Stratus Hmd. It works really well, but I'd like to give the new lotus a try.
  • Good time to pop my HMD cherry! Here we go!
  • New version looks dope!
  • One of the flavors I miss the most is al fakher special edition rich creme. It was compatible with almost anything! If I could, I’d throw some of that in with some fumari limoncello or al fakher cardamom... or maybe just some straight azure lemon muffin— man, that stuff is perfect!
  • I've been on an old school kick of double apple mint Al fakher for a while now, would love to see the difference between this and my original lotus
  • No combo for me. I like single flavors in my bowl. Tangiers Static Starlight is a go to for me.
  • It looks stunning, I’d for sure try and break it in with the help of some friends and a combo of starbuzz lemon tea with a little bit of al f’s mint.  
  • Ive been looking at the original since it came out but for financial reasons i was never able to try it 😒. These look awesome though.
  • In my fancy new Kaloud Vitria bowl, light layer of Tangiers Cocoa in the bottom, filled the rest of the way up with Cane Mint. Sipping on a hot cocoa with a bit of some peppermint schnapps. Super holiday flavor blast go!
  • Looks interesting. My first flavor to try would be mango, coconut, a little kiwi and a little banana, and of course, mint. All the flavors from Al Fakher.
  • I’d break it in the same way I break everything in; with some fumari lemon mint and blueberry muffin
  • Thanks for the great write-up.  It is so hard to judge things by a picture and a two line review (most of which are intended to sell the thing no matter what anyway).  It really looks like a big step forward.  Still the same lower melting point metal I assume?  Oh well, can't have everything.
    My first session will be 90% Fumari Mochaccino, 10% Trifecta Vanilla.  I LOVE the Mochaccino's inhale, but the exhale has a bit too much bitter on the exhale, the Trifecta takes it down a couple notches.  I mix them well before packing because they don't "burn" at the same rate if you don't.
  • Hands down Starbuzz Green Saviour
  • Ian
    If I were to get one of these, the first bowl al-fahker mint and al-fahker golden grape. Best flavor combo ever
  • Either I'm paying for it...or you paying for it....either way it's happening 😤😤😤 😂.
  • Thx to a friend of my is the reason why I bought my first lotus. And I’m so very glad that I did. Awesome product & I won’t smoke w/o it. Can’t wait to take this one out for a spin !!!!
  • FML mint in that bad boyyy!!!
  • I have the Lotus plus but this looks insane. Would love to try it out
  • I’d hit it up with my favorite fumari white peach and vanilla. Mmm mmm. I can taste it now
  • Seems like a great new way to adjust heat with more finesse than the original Lotus!
  • That was a good read, Shaun! I've been wanting to pick this up but I just have a hard time justifying it, on account of the four Lotus's, the ignis, and other random ones I already own... I think I may have to pick this one up though. Also, I've been on a weird kick lately, 15% Twice The Ice Extreme, 50% trifecta dark Raspberry, and 35% trifecta dark blueberry. Reminds me of when I first started smoking, minus the harsh part.

    Brock from The Hookah Lab! RIP
  • I remember when I bought the original KL right when it came out. I've been such a stickler in keeping it classic because "why replace what's not broken?" But I'm actually excited for this one! I think the innovation found in the KL2 is going to set a new standard.
  • I’ve always entertained the idea of getting the Kaloud Lotus II, but couldn’t afford it. Hopefully I’m the lucky winner.  🍀
  • breaking it with fumari spiced chai and fumari french vanilla 50/50 mic
  • Awesome blog! I’ve been using kaloud lotus for sometime since the original one, till the second one. And I’m hoping to get this one. I really think the upgrades on this is a huge step from the lotus before because of the find points you pin pointed on in your blog. I have to try your float combo, it sounds really interesting. At work we try to mix different combos all the time. But so far my favorite is Gum lemon mint mixed with Malaya mint, and a touch of kiwi. You should try it! Thanks for the blog and really demo-ing this out for us hookah fans. Bless!
  • I'd mix Haze what-a-mint and sinful mint for something sweet, minty, and spicy on a cold day.
  • I love the first one i cant wait for the new one. I would to win one if not ill most definitely buy one !!!!
    Thanks for keeping us informed on this wonderful giveaway
  • This thing look awesome. I hope I win
  • JP
    Great analysis. This addresses the root problem I had with the original model.

    Thank you for sharing.
  • I've been enjoying a mix of Tangiers Kashmir Peach with a bit of Tangiers Strawberry or Blue Flower. If I'm feeling a sweeter session, I mix Tangiers Mandarin Orange and Tangiers Strawberry or Cocoa.
  • I've been saving some Alchemist Nectar of the Gods for a special occasion! Maybe, this would be nice!
  • Omg!!! Another one! This one is for the the books! I love mine! But this second one is going to be a must have!!!!!! So small but what a noticeable change in the system! Yeaasssss!!!
  • I’d wanna try a nice refreshing mint apple combo! This looks sick!
  • The look is fantastic, but the test for me is how well will it enhance my Tangiers?
  • I've been sticking pretty true to the foil game since I started hookah but this looks so cool and I'd like to try it!
  • I have always loved my lotus and am very excited to try out the new one. I would break it in with some peach and a bit of mint.
  • That bowl looks beautiful.
  • I have a lotus +, definitely changed my smoking experience for the better.  Wonder how the new one will compare.  Happy smoking Smile
  • This is a neat device.i Would love to win this!
  • Rob
    Would love an upgrade to our system! Cheers!
  • I would mix al fahker’s cherry mint and a tad bit of grape to my session! I have the Kaloud Lotus and I know adding the 2 to my sessions will be just as good as the original!
  • Lee
    This would be the best Black Friday Win!  

    Happy thanksgiving!
  • I’d really love to try the Lotus with Fantasia’s formula series, specifically the peppermint cream!
  • Rob
    Good old double apple!
  • Seriously, just like everyone else probably posted I would love this. Seems like a got to have
  • Id start this with one a fruity combo from Haze. Probable go for B.O.F with a little bit of 5 cents in a cup and Hey man. Really looking forward to this Lotus 2
  • I absolutely love my Kaloud Lotus! I can't wait to get this new one. You guys are awesome, thanks so much for this opportunity!
  • I'd probably break this in with my viper bite mix. Lime, wintergreen, and a pinch of rose is a lot better than it sounds and has been a staple since I first mixed it up at my local hookah lounge.
  • Mighty Freeze + Blue Mist would be my first combo bowl with the Lotus 2
  • I’d definitely smoke some Haze Frozen Lakes with the lotus 2! You can pack so much heat with Haze and it’ll be fun trying to test it out with that flavor. It looks awesome, almost like a lotus flower.
  • Just got the plus but this looks alot better imho. I just got into kaloud alot more after getting my first lotus a few months back, swapped to their coals and got the bowl a little after that. This would make a great edition to smoke my fave chocolate mint mixes.
  • I havent every used heat mangement becuase i feel like id find a way to always drop the coals
  • LOVE my gen 1 Lotus. But this looks like it has some awesome upgrades, can't wait to check it out!  I would break this in with a 50/50 mix of Haze Pacoca and Bananarama.
  • I'd love to test drive this baby with some Haze Pumpkin Pleasure mixed with some Trifecta blonde Vanilla.
  • I’ve never used one and would love to try this one!!!
  • Thanks for the review!

    Damn I'd start out with a good old DA in my unglazed gigantic stonebowl if I had the chance to with this beauty! My old lotus is quite used over the years, I've had it since I got the chance to buy one quite soon after they released it. This would be so awesome to add into my collection
    • Why hello there! Today is your lucky day, please shoot me an email at [email protected] Preferably from the email used to drop this comment.
  • Really digging the design on the new lotus. Can’t wait to check it out.

    Couldn’t pick my favorite mix right now so I’m posting the 2 I’m really enjoying lately.

    Trifecta spumoni with a pinch of azure chocolate mint. Maybe 85:15

    Azure mango cheesecake with azure blueberry muffin. 75:25
  • Alchemist - Stone Mint
  • Tangiers Orange Soda, maybe with a hint of their Jack Fruit to change it up a bit.
  • Nic
    Man I've always wanted to try smoking a bowl with a lotus! I would definitely use my go to mix of al fakher orange and vanilla!
  • JJ
    Sex Monkey and Watermelon mint!

    The lotus plus was already amazing... I NEED this!
  • I really think I should win because my life sucks
  • You should smoke mint chocolate chill. Best goto flavour 👌
  • Thanks for the info, I was happy with the lotus 1 and would love to try the new one.
  • Fumari Sweet Mint + Zomo Strong Lemon. About 70/30, see if I can't get some sweet tea flavor going.
  • Oh man this thing looks wicked. I love how these incredible bowls almost come as a fashionable item too. Hah!
  • I love all the products you have have! Thankyou for all your services you guys are the best! And can’t to get my hand on the lotus 2!
  • That thing is exquisite!
    I’ve been using my original Lotus religiously for close to a year. Wouldn’t dream going back to foil. But this new Lotus is on a whole new level!
    I’d LOVE to own one!
  • I’m currently addicted to Alchemist’s Lemon Mint from the Stout line. But a go too for me is White Gummy Bear from Fumari mixed with a little Blue FML from Pure at a ratio of two to one accordingly. I have the newest Lotus I with the Samsaria Vitria II and that’s the only bowl that I use. I’m extremely excited for the Lotus II, can’t wait to get my hands on it.
  • Love my Lotus Plus... Can't wait for the deuce!
  • Love the names of your products. I really enjoy ending a great meal with Hookah it’s great end to the evening
  • This looks great guys! I would probably use wtf alice by nirvana with a hint of blue mist! Its fantastic!! I cant wait to try this thing out!
  • I would have to go with Tangiers cane mint and Al Fakher Cafe Latte for a Mint Mocha taste. Getting ready for Christmas!
  • This thing looks awesome, I would love to upgrade my current Lotus with it.
  • Wow that new design is gorgeous. Feel like this would be just as much a display piece as I would use it.
  • I absolutely love my original Lotus. My wife bought a hookah and Kaloud Lotus for home use since we loved visiting our local hookah lounge a few times a week. We used the original bowl that came with our hookah only twice until the Lotus arrived and we haven't looked back since. We would love to have the new Lotus 2 added to our collection. Even if we don't win we will still buy one, this heat management system looks amazing and would be an amazing addition to our hookah. Thank you for creating a better system over a great system!
  • I would break it in with strawberry and vanilla.   Huge fan!
  • Great write up Shaunn! Appreciated all of the rhetorical questions, it really made me feel like all of my questions swimming around in my head were plucked and answered - Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire style.

    Looks amazing honestly. Aesthetics are 10/10. Hope to see a video demonstrating it soon!
  • I havent tried with lotus. Would love to give a shot. Looks very nice design for coal management
  • Looks like another changer to the market. Made tangiers passion fruit and cane mint bearable. Wonder how this will do for that combo
  • Sounds amazing thanks for the read. Looking forward to trying this head.
  • I'd for sure rock any Trifecta or Tangiers with this thing. Right now I've got Trifecta Tabletop going with the original Lotus.
  • I would love one! Been wanting to get any model of the Kaloud systems for a while now! Please & thank you. Smile
  • Wow, game changer for sure! Can’t wait to try it!
  • I the othe lotus options so excited to try the new one! I think any dark leaf (as if there was another option) would be great with that system.
  • The New Lotus Looks Dope I Really Want One I Would Mix Starbuzz Tangerine Dream With Starbuzz Citrus Mint
  • I really enjoyed the original Kaloud Lotus. Loved it. I can only imagine how much greater this one is. *fingers crossed* if I don’t happen to win, thank you for the opportunity and enjoy the holidays!!
  • It looks so slick looks like the Ferrari of heat management tools
  • I would definitely smoke K Peach with some bohemian mix and twice the ice. My go to mix lately. This lotus 2.0 looks interesting.
  • About to get a new hookah from y’all. Would be great to start it off right with one of these babies!
  • Would love a new lotus for my vitria bowl!
  • I would break in that new lotus with Trifecta BlueStrawberry mixed in with some Twice the Ice
  • This would be awesome to try out! I've been hooked on fumari lately, specifically blueberry muffin, red Gummi, white Gummi!

    I hope I win so I can give it a try!
  • I would baptize this bad boy with a mix of Al-Fahker Two Apples Mint & of course Mint from Haze !! Speak about minty stuff !! LOL, I hope to win this !!! Good luck to all!!!
  • In for the win
  • I would love to have this as the one I have is the original lotus and it has seen better days. I would break this bad boy in with pirates cave and blue mist mixed.
  • I would try the Kaloud Lotus 2 with my favorite Cool Strawberry Shisha in Tangiers' Noir line.  
  • To break this in I would make my favorite bowl- Al Fakher Mint, Orange, and Watermelon. Best way to tell how a new bowl smokes.
  • Thanks for the review.  I have 2 original lotus and 1 of the newer style.  Really tempted to get this as an upgrade.  Looks easier to clean
  • Never smoked with a heat management device, would be cool to see what all the hype is about.
  • I love the orig, but the two looks like it has a nice convection dome.
  • If I win this I’ll try the combo in this blog since I never used a lotus before.
  • Very nice.. While in the Marine Corps I've traveled all over and frequented many hookah bars and even own a half dozen hookahs myself, I can honestly say I haven't seen anything like this. I think this would be an awesome tool to control the heat and allow the shisha to last longer. Well done guys, well done.
  • If i win this, i will be smoking it with a combo mix that taste almost like skittles. Must be put into the bowl a certain way!

    40% lemon
    40% mint
    10% rose
    10% cherry
  • It looks absolutely beautiful. I remember when I first shattered my vita bowl 2 and had tears coming out. But the Kaloud Team were very quick in responding and sent me a new glass piece immediate.
  • Awesome post! Crossing my fingers hoping to win!!
  • Switched to the Lotus over a year ago and couldn't be happier. Love the new design and def going to be adding this to the Christmas list.
  • OMG!!!
    That look amazing. I definitely want one!
    Kaloud for ever!
  • Aww peach-mint here I come 😍
  • Vj
    Love kaloud , cant wait to try lotus 2.0. I hear it has magical powers !
  • I hope it works just as fine as it looks
  • I like the turbine-style raised ribs on the floor of the L2. Matches the Vitria and I bet it lends to improved airflow. Maybe I’ll find out for myself?!?
  • Looks great. Has a flower vibe with some cultul to it. Would be sweet to try it out. Good post BTW.
  • Buying the Kaloud was the best thing I ever did. I cannot wait to try the new model when I win it Smile. Thank you!
  • I have the original Kaloud Samsaris Vitria and was wondering if this will fit just the same. Because the new bowl is bigger that they have made this topper bigger as well. If so, I believe that it would sit on the silicone that keeps the bowl I place. I've bought the second verison for my father as a Christmas gift last year so I'll be set either way. ALSO, I know I dont need to hang my bowl upside down, but i do love the lotus locking in on the original compared to the larger one!!
  • Looks pretty aesthetic! Glad to read that it works pretty well too!

    I'd probably use some TTIE with trifecta lime and some vanilla for a break in smoke!
  • Grapefruit Paan Mint
  • This looks like a whole new experience, I would be honored to get the chance to win this!
  • The new lotus looks amazing!
    Good luck to everyone. Hope I can snag one of these
  • I would use pumpkin spice since its that time of year. I've use a lotus since they came out and got v. 2. Use it every session and this looks gorgeous
  • This looks like an awesome upgrade from the original. Great review! Can't wait to test it out myself!
  • I never had the pleasure of using the first Kaloud Lotus so I might as well start out my experience with the Kaloud Lotus 2. If I won I’d start my session off with half of Haze: Cantaloupe and half of Fantasia: White Gummy.
  • So beautiful, love the look of the Lotus 2 compared to the first runs. If  won I’d definitely break that bad boy in with Kashmir Peach.
  • I love the lotus and the new one looks awesome
  • Whooooo thing thing looks 🔥 🔥! I'm already dreaming of Pan Rasna and AF Mint bowls.
  • I’m a big fan of twice the ice x so I’m super stoked to get one of these for it
  • Looks fancy! Thanks for the opportunity btw!
  • Pat
    Lemon mint with AF orange
  • First Session: Fumari Ambrosia, Mint, & Prickly Pear.
    That reminds me, I should get more Fumari Ambrosia, Mint, and Prickly Pear.
  • I love my Kaloud Lotus! I use it daily. The quality and design couldn’t be beat, until now! I would love the opportunity to own one! I can’t wait to try it with some AF mint and blueberry.
  • I'm so ready to add this to our collection! 😍😍😍
  • I have the original Kaloud Lotus and it has held to the test of time. I would love the chance to win and get my my hands on the Kaloud Lotus 2!
  • I'd like to try one of these bad boys. Always looking for new ways  to improve my smoking sessions. I'd use Nakhla Lemon with a hint of AF Orange.
  • The design is an interesting concept. Wondering how it will do with juicer shisha like fumari.
  • Such an informative post, just what I’ve been looking for! I’d break this hmd in with some Cosmos and Unicorn by Azure.... A surprisingly incredible combo.
  • Trifecta : Ventura peach & pearfect
    Tangiers : orange soda & cane
    All together
  • This looks like it will be my go to heat management system.  I would love to win this
  • The design makes me want one so bad 😍😍
  • I love  the new design and the improvements look like an amazing step forward from the already pretty awesome Lotus Plus. My go to has been Fumari's Ambrosia, with a bit of Al Fakher's Mint mixed in occasionally.
  • The redesign is awesome and I can't wait to try it out!
  • I have older versions of the lotus, it would be great to add the version to my daily smoking sessions, so I can see how much better it will get..
  • considered getting the remix lotus when it dropped but it didn't seem to change very much for the price I'd have to pay already having the older one. The Lotus 2 on the other hand looks outta this world in the best possible way. Looking forward to picking it up ( or maybe getting a free one Laughing )
  • Man this thing looks beautiful. I love the new design!
  • Love the design it looks so elegant.
  • I would definitely break this in with some cane mint and natural order. I am still skeptical as to how much better this would be than the other hmds on the market. I have a few hmd’s and the provost (on foil) is my most used. I wonder if the lotus 2 would be better.
  • Sounds fantastic, I've got to get one of these soon!
  • Im quite partial to AF Bubblegum and Id love to have a session with a HMD
  • Also, I'd kick off my lotus 2 with al fakher energy drink + mojito
  • Morning guys, first of all best service in the online shisha market
    Being in pharmaceutical business, I know how important research is and when a innovator will come out with an invention its all going to be the gold standard.
    Kaloud is the same and even though lot of folks have tried to copy or edit their version, the truth is Kaloud will always be 10 steps ahead.
    • Sorry guys forgot to mention my pick
      Vitria Samsaris II bowl with ugly Orange Keef and Tangier’s cane mint.
      Super buzy and super sweet orange with powerful blast of mint.
  • Looking forward to the new and improved lotus, I had the original, the 2nd gen, and now going on to the 3rd. Gen, I dont expect this to disappoint at all.
  • Wow! The new Lotus is Fuego/ Fire! I currently have/enjoy Plus and can already see the technology/ science behind this 2 are really going to work and improve the hookah session. Question: when does this new bad boy drop? I can't wait to try it on my Shishabucks setup! Thanks for putting this info out, what a great job lol
  • I would have to fill that bowl with the lotus 2 up with some k-peach. And maybe a little static starlight as well.
  • If you already have a kaloud I don't see the point... hope I'm the winner lol
  • Amazing!!!

    I will use the well known classic AF Mint to start with this new Kaloud Lotus 2.

    Thanks for everything.

  • I would break it in with fumari mint chocolate chillen and french vanilla, my favorite combo during the holidays!
  • Would definitely have to be the classic grapefruit and mint ive found the lotus to work better with af would need to see if that's still the case.
  • Ive loved each lotus I've owned. Ready to try a new beauty. Such style!
  • The new Kaloud looks epic. I cannot wait to try one! I wonder if it would work with just plain old ring charcoal instead of the natural coconut coals. I'll have to try it out.
  • The new design looks very dope Well. If i won, so the first combo would be with pear (Brand medusa) and pomegranate. BB Smile Nice review btw.
  • Watermelon cherry would taste wonderful under one of these
  • Great review! Cant wait to smoke out of the new lotus-shaped ... lotus!
    Heat management always the most important in smoking hookah. Thanks for your comment on the number of coals to use. 3 flats with cap open then closing the cap at the end, or 2 cubes with cap closed then adding another flat at the end has always been two of my go-tos for the previous lotus versions.
  • This is Awesome!!! I would love to win one as i'm tired of tasting charcoal lol, and my heat not lasting long just as it's getting good.
  • The redesign looks amazing! My favorite will always be mango bold. But if I feel like I want a strong session, I go with 60/40 Paan Raasna x Gum w/Mint.
  • It looks amazing, i have a lotus but can wait to try their new one with douple apple alfakher
  • I would brake it with two apple mint or cane mint.
  • Peach blueberry mint would definitely have to be my kick off
  • I would break in my Lotus with watermelon mint.
  • Can’t wait to try this with some blue mist and mint!!
  • The silicon handle on my few months old Lotus just started tearing and slips off, unfortunately resulting in my first hookah disaster in years of smoking. It looks like this new one fixes that issue and has some improvements, so I'm looking forward to enjoying it with a bowl of Tangiers Foreplay on the Peach and Cane Mint!
  • I absolutely love the OG lotus. Since i first seen the lotus 2 I fell in love. Looks so cool. Reading your review just makes me want it more
  • Lotus 1 really changed the game wouldn’t mind seeing if the lotus 2 is improved
  • Looks pretty.  Glad they're trying something new.
  • I would definetly love one of this, I already own the previous one on both sizes, I would break this one in with some green apple and mint mix that I create myself, It would definetly be a great experience to be able to own one of this, as it looks amazing, and like all the other ones must be also of the best quality.
  • This thing looks F'n beautiful, would really like to get my hands on it!
  • Pat
    Looking forward to trying this Smile
  • Please cost Someone who really wants this KL2. I just wanted to say hi and happy holidays to the staff @ HS! Loves you guys and thanks for all the years of great service.

    Happy Christmas
    Happy winter solstice
    Happy day off work

  • I was just telling a friend about this new HMD. I'd love to try out some can see how we like it!
  • Would love to try this with some AF orange to compare to older collection
  • sure, let's give it a whirl
  • This Lotus II looks so cool! I have the original Kaloud Lotus and the Samsaris bowl. Would love to try this new Lotus with 60% AF Mango and 40% Afzal Paan Raas. Super intrigued.
  • Damn that design looks nice. I've been using the original lotus for about 3 years or so and I'm excited for this one.
  • Yes digging the new kaloud.
  • I want...blueberry orange mint in my vitra!
  • I've had the first lotus for a long time now and love it! Sure would like to win the new one! Love hookah-shisha as they've got the best selection of any online hookah store I've seen. Plus they're local for me and I love supporting my Texas/austin stores!
  • Flavor I would use to break in this bad boy would be a traditional Starbuzz Blue Mist with a little bit of Al Fakher Mint since it's a flavor I know so well and can really determine the taste difference between this HMD and foil. I just ordered the Kaloud Lotus Plus since this one was out of stock from Hookah-Shisha but now regret not holding out for this one to come back in stock after reading this review.
  • I liked my first one, looking forward to trying out this one. How does it do with Al Fakher? Happy smoking!
  • I haven't used these at home, but at a few hookah bars and I love them.
  • I've not yet made the leap into the HMD world, but the look of the Lotus II and this blog post have me convinced it's worth giving a shot.
  • ROR raspberry lemonade mixed with pineapple for the first bowl.  Delicious favor and I currently have the version 1 and 1.5, the 2 looks really interesting to try.
  • The new design looks fantastic! An excellent marriage of aesthetic and engineering.
  • Oh, and Tangiers Horchata + Tangiers Orange Soda; orange creamsicle!
  • Looks dope love the new dome design
  • Yep, sign me up. I've got the first and second versions, would be interested to see how this one performs.
  • I would do Fumari lemon mint with a pinch of Starbuzz white gummy bear.
  • Man that is a tuff one. I would probably pack azure unicorn and azure melon king. But my next bowl would be winter rose and fml mint. Hopefully I win!!
  • Omg it’s gorgeous! 😍 What I wouldn’t give to make my smoke sesh that Instagram worthy. I’ve loved both the lotus and the remix so I know the smoke would be fantastic but the aesthetic is what I’m sold on here tbh lol
  • I exclusively smoke Cane Mint (Noir) by Tangiers. I actually order 9 packs each time. (Excessive, I know.)
    I have the Kaloud Lotus, Kaloud Lotus Plus, and the Shishabucks Stratus.

    I like what the Lotus Plus tried to do with the ridges on the bottom, but they did it in such a way that my square coals tilt and fall/lean on eachother, causing ash to scrape off. This is a hassle.
    So I tried the Stratus, and I love it, but it has one fatal flaw. The ridges keep airflow under the coals, which we all know, keeps your coals from dying mid-session. The flaw, however, is the holes around the center of the bottom. They let ash leak down the stem, which leads to me having to clean the stem in between each and every session.
    It looks as though the Lotus II may have finally been the realization of these issues. I'm excited to test it out and I hope that this will be the superior HMD on the market.
  • I have the original Lotus and love it. The 2 is beautiful and I'd love to put to Al Fakher gold mint under it.
  • This is awesome! I would love to try it with watermelon and mint
  • Yo Shaun,

    New Lotus you say? *raises a brow intriguingly*
    1. Bigger dome? Ok
    2. Better air management? Ok ok
    3. Detachable handle? *in my best Barry White voice*  Ooohhhhh Yeeeeaaaahhhh

    Win or lose, I'm gonna try this. By try, I mean use and abuse, like the original I've been using since day 1. Naturally, I prefer win, but I can't even win bingo,  brother so free shipping at least? Lol

    In any case, here's the flavor you need:
    BlackBerry, kiwi, orange, blue mist and touch of pineapple.

    You're welcome.
  • Been using the lotus for years defintly would love to see the new and improved version on my setup 💨💨💨
  • Looks amazing, havent ever used one but I'm very curious
  • Tom
    Never used a HMD before but your review has my attention would love to win
  • I have over 10 hookahs and would enjoy trying this out thanks for the chance!
  • I would absolutely love to own one of these. I would break it in with some Tangiers F-Line Kashmir plus the Tangiers special edition HS Dark Cherry (noir line). It's like a special edition, caffeinated Kashmir Cherry =)
  • Love the new look kaloud!
    fumari vanilla and spiced chai with a touch of Af cardamom
  • I own both versions of the Lotus, along with both versions of the Vitria. I hope to try this with my go-to flavor, Pineapple (either from Trifecta Dark, or Tangiers). Time to start saving on cubes!
  • I've had the first generation and i'm super happy....
  • I'll smoke a straight Golen Eskandarani bowl with a little lavender when I get one!
  • Never used a Lotus, but wouldn’t mind having one. ;)
  • Sounds exciting! Loved the previous Lotus and this one just looks gorgeous
  • Looks simply amazing. I have the original and the plus and time and time again have gotten me through the best smoke sessions ive had. Im looking forward to great things from the lotus 2. Awesome article!
  • Honestly, I'm just excited by the aesthetics.
  • Vj
    Kaloud lotus 2  is beauty and the beast  !
  • I'd love to try this with one of my new favorite mixes, vanilla lemon and mint! Hookah-shisha rocks!!
  • Heeeey! Finally you guys have the Kaloud Lotus 2. I cant wait to break it with Al Fakher double apple mixed with mint, and  My god this is the meaning of innovation. I would be the happiest person ever to be selected and at the same time it’ll be a birthday gift for myself. I can literally showy you it’s the 28/11.
    Thank you
  • Tangiers Burley type

    Kashmir Peach
    Static Starlight

    It was an odd combo but it came out just how i wanted it flavorful and strong. Thank you for the info on the new lotus. I had no clue they had a new one. Still rockin the vanilla lotus now.
    • Why hello there! Today is your lucky day, please shoot me an email at [email protected] Preferably from the email used to drop this comment.
  • Used Lotus 1, Ignis, and Stratus. Although the others have a teeny weeny feature here n there that makes them better than Lotus, nothing beats the original. Used the first one for 3 years before I even thought about the others. Looking forward!!
  • Pick me! I love the first but want to see what this one can do 👌
  • Holy moly. This looks not only incredible  but I can only imagine  how well it would work. I was never able to get a lotus so getting this beauty would be awesome.
  • Nice review. I have the previous lotus and I like it a lot. It is great to hear they created an improved device Smile
  • Love the look of this new lotus. I'm sure it is going to be good. When you said there is a key I was hoping that the lid had a locking mechanism to keep coals in, in the event of a hookah tip. Guess that will have to be on version 3.0.
  • This looks great, and with all the explanations you gave there are no questions to ask.
    i would love to upgrade from the first one to this one. This will be perfect as as my birthday gift  Smile
    Thank you!
  • Nice article Shaunn.
    I wonder if this type of HMD is good for blond or dark tobacco...
  • WOW, its a piece of functional art. Definitely a conversation point. This does push the bench mark of design , quality & function. Can you imagine what other HMD makers will have to do to "push the envelope", interesting updates for 2019 in-store.
  • This looks on new level I love the lotus plus but this is amazing
  • I’d break it in with a session of orange mint or a strawberry cream. Two different sides of the spectrum but both great flavors in my opinion.
  • A bit of durty mint, peach spice and a hint of bdh. Pack my bowl and light it up on the beach here in maldives, will definitely send you guys some good photos if i win <3
  • The Lotus 2 looks great, Definitely a head turner. Like always a nice bowl of double apple
  • Thank you for the review! I've used the original lotus for years now and have been waiting for this drop. It is definitely a game changer!
  • Oh baby! My first bowl in this will be a definite Al Fakher grape mint. Damn how I am excited it’s finally out
  • I love the kaloud lotus, i've been using it for at least 3 years. An upgrade to a new model is welcome!
  • Man this thing looks legit cant wait to try it!
  • I would love to win this for my fiancé for a Xmas gift.
    Pick me lol
  • Hope I'm not to late to the party, but I would love to be able to have the chance to get this bad boy here. Been trying to up my hookah sessions to the next level and this looks like the way to go. I love the blogs and the reviews you guys put out. My combo would be a mix of mint with a slight hit of kiwi. Help a noobs dreams come true!!!
  • I had the previous lotus, however unfortunately it was stolen. This new design looks incredible! Good work~ Can't wait to try it with my new moccahinno Fummari Smile
  • 😍😍😍😍I need this soooo bad.
  • 100% would pack trifecta nawar with a little twice the ice x. Been smoking this for about a month now, and cant get myself to try something else.
  • I would break in my new kaloud lotus 2 with fumari watermelon and sweet mint! Plus it would be perfect timing because my original lotus just got ruined from a hookah spill accident and my carpet melted to it Frown
  • Straight up just moved down to Florida from New York, For What ever reason TSA took my OG lotus out of the carry on and threw it away " looks dangerous " , so now im stuck using foil , unless you hook it up. This thing looks DOPE . HELP
  • This looks really good in term of design
  • Honestly I’d love to try this out with Cane mint mixed with spiced chai. It’d be a great way to kick off the holidays
  • I think i would go with a session of White Gummi Bear (fumari) or some Secret Agent(Ugly) mixed with Mountain Fog(trifecta). i think this new lotus is a very good looking tool for adding quality to the sessions, my wife would like the look. I also want to thank you for your review. it was very informative.
  • Post a video review, so we can see a more detailed look at the product and it’s performance. Personally I really liked the video you guy used for the Plus, comparing and contrasting the older models. In the new video if you could pack the bowl with Fumari Lemon Mint, I would really appreciate that; because I don’t know if it is the way I’m packing it but it doesn’t seem as if the tobacco can hold that much heat (even when using two charcoals) and my sessions always either do not taste as good in comparison to foil or they make me nauseous. So if you guys could make that video, it’d be really appreciated to see what you guys do different and maybe adjust it in my sessions.
  • This HMD looks amazing, I think it knocks pretty much every other one out of the park in terms of looks. I would love to win one and try it with my Sipping Lemonade in the Cove mix (5 Cents a Cup mixed with Pirates Cove).
  • I think I have an addiction problem with Azure Lemon Muffin and Trifecta Twice The Ice Extreme O_O
  • i currently own the kloud lotus. So far one of the best product i own can't wait to try the new one on my oduman hookah

    pick me please
  • I'm still a long-time foil user, though I often use a lotus at my friend's place.  The few things I don't really care for with the version 1 seem much improved in this version. I would love to try it out soon.
  • I loved the last Lotus update. This one looks amazing!
  • Would to to win this to try w some Zomo !!!
  • Love the slick new design a Lotus! A must have for our future Kaloud adventures... I will be buying 2 as well!
  • Gotta say, it looks pretty. I am wondering how my Titanium Cubettes will do in there.
  • Been using the Lotus 1 for the longest time and I can’t wait to try the 2. I’d break it in with Blueberry Watermelon mint combo easy
  • I would break in my new Lotus 2 with Tangiers Black line - one of the trickiest tobaccos to enjoy. But, as much as I liked the review, one question still persists - does Lotus 2 improves your smoking session whole $65 worth? Somehow I highly doubt it... also it buys you at leas 600 grams of shisha.
  • Still using the original and love it. Would love to see what this one can do.
  • I would mix Haze two cents a cup with a little ultimint and add a little blueberry Al Fakher to the mix and have a blueberry lemonade bowl with a mint chill. 👍✌
  • This looks fantastic. Thanks for the excellent write up explaining the difference between the first model. Might have to ask the wife for this for the holidays.
  • Love it!! Only AF D.Apple for first session to find the difference!!
  • Curious to try this with my go to bowl of Tangiers Kashmir Peach and Cane Mint!
  • Wow Kacloud 2 is changing the game by just reading the post i cant wait to get my hands on it ! Love it 😍
  • Looking pretty cool, got the lotus plus last year around this time might have to get this too!
  • This new updated version of the Kaloud looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to order a couple cans of Fresh Lime and have my first hookah with the Lotus 2! I hope I win!
  • I’ve been smoking hookah for years, and I can’t wait to try out the new Lotus! If I win, I’d have to combine Sex on the Beach and Queen of Sex for my first bowl! Thanks Hookah-Shisha!
  • I'd break it in with Social Smoke Pink Lemonade with a touch of Absolute Zero. Absolutely delicious and smooth!
  • I've been debating for a while about getting a Lotus, this seems like a no-brainer way to go. Would love to win but will be buying it either way!
  • This is AMAZING! Love my current lotus but this is not only functional but pretty! I'd mix my favorite Ambrosia and Blueberry Muffin. Smile
  • I would break in the new lotus with a mix of Tangiers Cane Mint and Tangiers Pinepas.
  • So glad the handle has a thick silcone portion to grab on without getting burned. Really hoping to win this and try it out.
  • Golden Orange and Cinnamon AF is my go to at the moment. Love it!
  • I’m looking forward to an Ambrosia mint session with this baby!
  • Yo this looks amazing. My go to combo to break this guy in would be Fantasia's Ice Mint mixed with their Citris or Lemon Ice flavors....
  • I can't wait to try out this awesome Kaloud Lotus!!!
  • If I'm late, oh well! I'd drop some Bold SB White Peach in there for sure!!
  • Thanks guys appreciate all the great accessories you guys provide for my hookah, hope I win this lotus !
  • Thankyou so much explaining the detail of this new lotus. I have been using Lotus for all my hookahs, 3 to be exact and just bought one more (from where you ask.... of course from hookah shisha) , and they work great!

    I would love to try this new lotus as well! If I win this contest, I would definitely break it in with a session of something I called PPG. It stands for Pan Peach Guava.

    Afsal Pan, Al Fakher Peach and Fumari Guava! Please try this favor, you will love it

    If I have to pick my second, I will go with 90% Starbuzz Geisha and 10% Al Fakher Double Apple!
  • How hot is it? the cows are giving evaporated milk. the chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walkin' hot water now comes out of both taps. every time I think about ice, water pours out of my ears. you actually burn your hand opening the car door. you realize that asphalt has a liquid state. the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground. the potatoes cook underground, and all you have to do to have lunch is to pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper. farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs. the cows are giving evaporated milk. the chickens are lying hard boiled eggs. you start buying stock in Gatorade. the trees are whistling for the dogs. you start putting ice cubes in your water bed. you no longer associate bridges (or rivers) with water. you can say 113 degrees without fainting. Satan decided to take the day off. the four seasons are: tolerable, hot, really hot and ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! you eat hot chilies to cool your mouth off. your dream house is any house in Alaska. you can make instant sun tea. the trees are whistling for dogs. your car overheats before you drive it. hot water now comes out of both taps. you learn that a seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron. the temperature drops below 95, you feel a bit chilly. you've experienced condensation on your butt from the hot water in the toilet bowl. you would give anything to be able to splash cold water on your face.

  • When we get the Lotus 2, our inaugural session will likely be Cucumber Lemonade mixed with a little pineapple or cool strawberry in the Kaloud Vitria bowl.
    We've LOVED our Lotus, and can't wait to experience Kaloud's new and improved HMD.
  • This looks dope. I've been using the lotus for over two years now and have never been disappointed. I've introduced this to many friends of mine. The look on their faces when I make a bowl and tell them I don't need foil lol. I would love to have the lotus 2 to try on my khalil mamoon set up with a blue mist and mighty freeze mix. Best smoke ever. Thanks for the review! Very detailed.